Dividend Data for the top 200 Hong Kong Listed Companies (over HK$25bio)

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Although the Hong Kong Exchange has increasingly become dominated by Chinese companies over the past two decades, American software giant Microsoft remains the largest Hong Kong listed company as of mid-2017. For ease of reference, here is a list of links to the dividend data and WSJ financials data of 200+ of the largest Hong […]

How Population Pyramids Drive Interest Rates, and How Robot Demographics Might Change That

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On several occasions, I’ve discussed the somewhat intuitive relationship between population pyramids and interest rates / yield curves.  One one end, bottom-heavy, triangular population pyramids would tend to drive higher interest rates, as the abundance of young people pushes overall economic growth and demand for credit, as we have seen in countries like India and […]

GFM Japan allocation outperforms Nikkei 225 ETF through 2017Q1

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As a small firm managing separately managed accounts, we naturally spend more time ensuring our portfolios are well invested than trying to find visually appealing ways to show how well they’re doing, but this recent >10% outperformance of a relatively small Japan allocation (JPY 5.5 million, or around US$50,000) in one of our accounts looked […]

3 reasons we're not buying the Snapchat IPO $SNAP

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IPOs like Snapchat (formally Snap Inc, NYSE ticker: SNAP) are sexy, and I often say when investments are sexy, you are likely paying too much.  That’s why instead of pretty pictures of Snapchat glasses, disappearing images of rainbow vomit, or even their logo, I made the featured image of this post Snapchat’s income statement reported […]

GFM's REIT Watchlist for 2017 Q1

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Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are among our favorite alternatives to buying physical property as an investment.  For reference, we list below 95 of the globally-listed REITs we are watching this quarter, which yield over 4% as a portfolio.  Note that this a watchlist for educational and discussion purposes only and is not a recommendation […]

How I invested my first 10 years of savings, bonuses and 401(k)/IRA contributions and top 10 lessons learned

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Of all the habits I started early in my career, I would rank the habit of paying myself first, saving at least 10% of my income, saving rather than spending 100% of bonuses, and avoiding consumer debt as close to #1 as having paid off well and being well worth teaching my children and grandchildren. […]

Funding your 2016 and 2017 IRA now and automatically – the #MillionDollarDifference

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There are still two more months before the April 16th, 2017 deadline to make a 2016 contribution to your Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) account, and whether you open one with GFM or continue with your existing provider I will usually encourage you to “just do it” if you have qualified earned income.  I have separate […]

Understanding the "Fiduciary Rule" and why investor education is so important

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Update on March 8th: Tony Robbins recently posted a video similarly emphasizing investor education on Investopedia. Last Friday, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order which may halt the planned application of the “fiduciary rule” to large numbers of financial advisors and product providers to retirement plans.  Opponents criticize this move as helping hide […]

200000 Vietnamese dong notes, worth less than US$10 each but more than most free financial advice

10 Emerging Markets to Watch in 2017: The Closed-End Fund Sentiment Indicator

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I have long been a fan, observer, and investor in emerging markets, ranging from the most frontier the most developed of emerging markets (often repeating that the US can be called “the most successful emerging market in history).  Anyone who knows me personally knows that this interest in emerging markets drove me to travel through […]

Top Hong Kong listed ETFs by volume, expense ratio and board lot size

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Hong Kong still has a “board lot” requirement that shares of stocks, ETFs, and other HKEX exchange-traded securities still be traded in minimum chunks that can range from 10 to thousands of shares per trade. As a reference, below are a list of HKEX-listed ETFs with useful information like expense ratio, board lot size, and […]