Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do we invest?

GFM directly manages client’s brokerage accounts, investing our managed accounts directly into world-class portfolios of stocks and bonds.Β  Our investment objectives can generally be dividend into two stages:

  1. Growth – generally for clients who are still working and saving, with the goal of accumulating wealth, and
  2. Income – for clients already in retirement, focused more on generating income from their existing savings

We place a high value on investor education, and make every effort to help clients understand investments in stocks, bonds, and real estate.

What are the fees?

GFM fee-only (meaning we don’t get paid commissions or kickbacks to sell any products), and charges a simple transparent fee based on one of two models:

  1. Fixed management fee, starting at 1.5% per year of the value of the account, with lower percentages on higher balances.
  2. Performance fee, generally 25% of the profits earned on the account over a high-water mark in lieu of most or all of the fixed fee.

These fees are in addition to custody or execution charges by the broker holding your account.

Are advisor fees tax-deductible?

GFM does not give tax advice, but this question was covered well in this article by Michael Kitces.

Where is my money and stock portfolio held?

GFM holds no client assets.Β  You open your account directly with a broker/custodian such as Interactive Brokers, Saxo or Vanguard and appoint us with trading authority to manage that account.Β  This lets us focus on choosing the best investments, while your custodian provides you statements, safekeeping, and fund deposit/withdrawal services.

Does GFM manage IRA, 401(k), and 529 plan accounts?

GFM manages traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP-IRA accounts, and handles 401(k) rollovers to rollover IRA accounts.Β  We also manage 529 plans on Utah’s My529 program and HSA health savings accounts.Β  We are one of Hong Kong’s leading specialists in IRA and 401k solutions for American expats and non-US resident taxpayers.