Personal Finance Math From My 1992 High School Textbook

Personal Finance Math From My 1992 High School Textbook

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The other day I happened to pick up a copy of my 11th grade math textbook published in 1992, and came across these two practical personal finance problems as a reminder of how much times have changed. The most obvious difference between then and now is how far interest rates have fallen. In 1992, the […]

FAFSA Codes For Non-US Schools

2020-2021 US DoE FAFSA Codes For Non-US Schools

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One thing I have gotten used to doing in June and July is checking up on 529 college savings plans, especially on the list published on the US Department of Education website on the FAFSA Codes For Non-US Schools. I noticed that the link for the earlier year’s page no longer works, and this one […]

Investing In China and India After COVID-19: Upcoming Webinars

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Two of my upcoming webinars with SGX and Interactive Brokers cover outlooks on investing into China and India after the coronavirus outbreak: Register here for the May 20th (6pm HK time, 11am London time, 6am NY time) webinar on China’s markets after COVID-19. Learn about Singapore-listed ETFs on June 9th (6pm HK time) webinar. Here […]

Singapore ETFs 101 Webinar on March 9th

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The global market for exchange traded funds (ETFs) recently surpassed US$6 trillion, largely due to more retirement plans and advisers seeing ETFs as one of the lowest cost and most scalable ways to invest in global markets. In this webinar with Singapore Exchange and SGX Academy, GFM’s Tariq Dennison explains how the Singapore listed ETF […]

Stocks or bonds

Buy stocks or bonds? 3 numbers to help decide

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It is widely repeated in the investment community that the biggest difference in whether you earn high or low rates of return as a long-term investor is not your choice of an individual stock or bond, but how much you allocated overall to stocks vs bonds. The more you put in stocks, the more likely […]

How to make money in stocks

How to make money in stocks: The only two basic ways

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The main reason to buy a stock is to get significantly more money out of it than you put into it.Β  By “significantly more”, the profit you make from a stock should not only be more than interest you would have earned putting the same money into a bank deposit or bond, but also compensate […]

Investing Lessons at the 2018 “The Future is Female” Conference in Hong Kong, Sep 14th

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If you’re in Hong Kong this Friday, September 14th, I hope to see you at “The Future is Female” conference at Campfire in Taikoo from 9am to 7pm.Β  This time, I’ll be speaking about investing in stocks and real estate, and some of the most important questions women should ask when choosing where to save […]

How to read a mutual fund fact sheet - 5 key points

How to read a fund factsheet – 5 key points to avoiding a $5,000 mistake

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A fund factsheet is the “nutritional information” of the investment fund, summing up the objectives, holdings, fees, risks, and performance of a mutual fund you might choose to invest in.Β  I rarely meet an investor that reads the entire offering document or prospectus of most stocks or funds they buy, and even the “executive summary” […]

how much 529

How much should I put in a 529 college savings plan each year?

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529 college savings plans have no hard and fixed annual contribution limits, unlike IRA, HSA, 401(k), or many other US tax-deferred accounts.Β  Rather, 529 plans are often subject to state-set overall contribution limit that you should not put in more than 4 years’ worth of expenses at the most expensive university you could spend the […]

Invest Outside the Box on Amazon

It’s official, my first book “Invest Outside the Box” is available on Amazon August 14th!

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Just noticed my book “Invest Outside the Box” has finally appeared on Amazon with an available date of August 14th – looking forward to seeing it on shelves and on the desks of practitioners!