Top 30 Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts (A-REITs) in 2017Q3

Continuing the series of reference lists of real estate investment trusts (REITs), here is the list I looked up on for Australian A-REITs:

WSJ Name Sector Market Cap
AU/XASX/SCG Scentre Group Retail $21,940,000,768
AU/XASX/WFD Westfield Corp. Retail $16,350,000,128
AU/XASX/GMG Goodman Group Industrial/Office $14,129,999,872
AU/XASX/VCX Vicinity Centres Retail $10,369,999,872
AU/XASX/SGP Stockland Diversified $10,179,999,744
AU/XASX/DXS Dexus Industrial/Office $9,509,999,616
AU/XASX/GPT GPT Group Retail $8,700,000,256
AU/XASX/MGR Mirvac Group Residential $7,820,000,256
AU/XASX/IOF Investa Office Fund Industrial/Office $2,710,000,128
AU/XASX/CHC Charter Hall Group Industrial/Office $2,460,000,000
AU/XASX/GOZ Growthpoint Properties Australia Industrial/Office $2,060,000,000
AU/XASX/BWP BWP Trust Industrial/Office $1,880,000,000
AU/XASX/ABP Abacus Property Group Industrial/Office $1,730,000,000
AU/XASX/CQR Charter Hall Retail REIT Retail $1,680,000,000
AU/XASX/CMW Cromwell Property Group Industrial/Office $1,620,000,000
AU/XASX/SCP Shopping Centres Australasia Property Group Retail $1,600,000,000
AU/XASX/AAD Ardent Leisure Group Specialty $975,840,000
AU/XASX/LEP ALE Property Group Specialty $894,659,968
AU/XASX/NSR National Storage REIT Specialty $777,059,968
AU/XASX/FET Folkestone Education Trust Specialty $645,110,016
AU/XASX/URF US Masters Residential Property Fund Residential $616,670,016
AU/XASX/CIP Centuria Industrial REIT Industrial/Office $561,080,000
AU/XASX/CDP Carindale Property Trust Retail $539,699,968
AU/XASX/INA Ingenia Communities Group Residential $538,659,968
AU/XASX/RFF Rural Funds Group Specialty $508,760,000
AU/XASX/ARF Arena REIT Specialty $495,520,000
AU/XASX/CMA Centuria Metropolitan REIT Industrial/Office $494,620,000
AU/XASX/HPI Hotel Property Investments Specialty $439,780,000
AU/XASX/AJA Astro Japan Property Group Retail $382,110,016
AU/XASX/IDR Industria REIT Industrial/Office $370,270,016

Photo Credit: Wikipedia