IB Chatbot and Alexa app

IB Chatbot and Alexa app

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This week I’ve started testing Interactive Brokers‘s developing chatbot and Alexa app. The IB chatbot, or “IBbot” for short”, is available on Facebook messenger as well as Alexa and within the IB portal. I’ve so far had several hiccups trying to get stock quotes and fundamental data from the chats, but keen to keep trying […]

Better than Transferwise: Interactive Brokers can save over 90% off these fees

Better than Transferwise: Saving Thousands on International Transfers with an Interactive Brokers account

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One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “what is the best way to transfer a large sum of money overseas, without getting ripped off by terrible exchange rates and high international transfer fees?”.  Fortunately, we have started to see the rise of many financial technology (Fintech) firms like TransferWise and OnePip advertising international […]

Interactive Brokers transfer positions

How to transfer shares to Interactive Brokers

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Most transfers into GFM-managed Interactive Brokers accounts are in cash, but occasionally we are asked how to transfer shares to Interactive Brokers accounts.  Below are some quick how-to steps which will hopefully be a helpful supplement to those posted on other websites.  These instructions should work for shares of stock and ETFs, as well as […]

Interactive Brokers vs Saxo Trader Pro

Interactive Brokers vs Saxo: Best Online Broker for International Accounts

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As two of the world’s leading international low-cost online brokers, we have been very glad to be able to offer a choice to clients on whether they want to hold their GFM-managed accounts at Interactive Brokers (IBKR for short) or Saxo, so naturally we are often asked to compare the relative strengths, advantages, and costs of […]

Performance Fees With A High Water Mark – Example Calculation

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Here’s one illustration I often based on our fee structure of zero management fee + 25% quarterly performance fee, assuming the account is worth $100 on December 31st. All the below illustrations assume you did not deposit or withdraw any money from the account over the course of the year, and are for illustration purposes […]

Getting Interactive Brokers statements automatically e-mailed to you, monthly or even daily

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Interactive Brokers is known for being far more trader friendly and tech friendly than user friendly, and many users may feel they have too much choice in how to customize their statements.  Below is a quick guide with screenshots that will hopefully help clients log in to Account Management and set up statements for one-time […]

How Much Financial Advisors Charge – Pricing by Account Size and Other Factors

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More than almost anything else, I believe the financial services industry needs greater price literacy and price transparency.  In almost any other business, customers are used to looking at and comparing the prices of the goods they buy from a store or website and the services they buy from a tax preparer or hairdresser, but […]

A few words on Digital Signatures

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To minimize costs and maximize security and efficiency for our customers, our regulators, and our staff, GFM handles almost all signed documents using paperless digital signatures.  As a platform, we have chosen Adobe Sign, which is similar to its more widely used competitor DocuSign.  In the future, we may see increasing use of open digital […]