Advantages of directly owning 30 or more stocks instead of an index fund

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This is an summary and excerpt of my article “Why I Wouldn’t Invest More Than $100,000 In An S&P 500 ETF Or Index Fund“. Ask 100 fee-only financial advisors how they would invest an extra $100,000 that was not needed for at least 10 years, and odds are that one of the top responses would […]

GFM Consolidated 3 Year Track Record Performance Through September 2016

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As background, we present the 3 year consolidated track record of the Interactive Brokers accounts managed by GFM portfolio manager Tariq Dennison over the 3 years ending September 2016, immediately before GFM Group Limited became a Hong Kong SFC-licensed Type 9 asset management firm. Past performance is no indication of future results, but the point […]

Why I prefer investing in stocks and real estate instead of gold

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Below is an excerpt of my article “Why Gold Will Underperform For Another 40 Years Without Stagflation, Despite Central Bank, ETF, China And India Tailwinds“. An 80-year History of Gold Performance For the past 40+ years, gold has underperformed stocks, real estate, and even bonds on many metrics. For Americans, this 40-year period was preceded by […]

Background of China's Many Stock Markets: China A-shares vs H-shares vs B, N, etc.

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This is an excerpt of my article “How To Trade The China A-Share Premium Over H-Shares” explaining some of the background history and differences between China A-shares traded in Shanghai and Shenzhen and China H shares traded in Hong Kong. … Definitions A few definitions in case any of the terms in the previous paragraph […]