Hong Kong’s International Retirement Investing Specialist

GFM manages investment accounts and for individual retirement savings and group pension plans.  We help Asia-based clients invest globally, and US-based clients invest in Asia.

GFM holds no client assets, but manages accounts held at an independent bank, broker or custodian firm.  This separation provides safety and efficiency by keeping all assets, fund transfer and statement responsibilities with a larger and older firm, while allowing us to focus on choosing the best investments and giving the most direct answers and investment advice.  Most managed accounts are opened at Interactive Brokers due to their low costs, low minimums, global market access, and efficient technology platform, but we work with other brokerage firms and custodians for qualified accounts, especially pensions.  Contact us to open an account.

GFM’s advantages and differences include:

  1. How we charge: We are fee-only, fully transparent, and accept no commissions.  This not only saves your money, but avoids conflicts of interest.
  2. Liquidity and Flexibility: Unlike many other investment products and savings plans, GFM accounts have no lock-ins or withdrawals penalties.  You can put money in or take money out of your GFM-managed account at any time with direct holdings in stocks and bonds in your portfolio.
  3. Global diversification: GFM helps clients diversify across multiple countries, sectors, and asset classes.  GFM clients in Hong Kong invest more outside Greater China, and GFM clients in the US invest more outside the US than clients of many domestic advisers.  Being based in Hong Kong, we are also closer to the Asian markets we invest in than managers based in the US or Europe, and work with such managers as on-the-ground specialists in small-cap and mid-cap companies here.
  4. Enhanced holdings: Starting with basic ETF strategies, we constantly look at how to replace passive index investments with an enhanced portfolio of selected stock positions in companies that are more profitable, with better balance sheets, and trading at more attractive valuations than the broader index.
  5. Americans welcome: Many Hong Kong based firms do not deal with US citizens, green card holders, or other US entities due to FATCA and other US tax and regulatory issues.  GFM invests US taxable and US retirement accounts globally, and is one of the few firms in Hong Kong handling IRA, 401(k) rollover, and US tax-managed global and Asia-focused investment portfolios.

GFM Group Limited is a Hong Kong based Type 9 licensed asset management firm (CE Ref BGT035) founded by former Bear Stearns managing directors Tariq Dennison CFPCM and Anand Batepati in 2014.  IRA and non-HK accounts are contracted by our affiliated U.S. legal entity GFM Asset Management LLC (US SEC Registered Investment Advisor #283810).