GFM – Hong Kong’s International Investment Advisor

GFM manages investment accounts for individual retirement savings and group pension plans. These accounts range from global ETF portfolios for small individual retirement accounts, to China-focused single stock portfolio mandates.  Our mission is to be the most direct international investment advisor for clients with savings in more than one country or interested in diversifying investments outside their home country.

Managed accounts provide the investor direct ownership of the shares and bonds in their account.

Read more in our FAQ on how to open an account or contact us with questions.

GFM’s advantages and differences include:

  1. Fees: We are fee-only and accept no commissions.  Clients know exactly what we get paid, and what services we provide for our fees.
  2. Direct Access: Clients get direct access to straight answers from our team, and direct ownership and visibility in the assets in their accounts.
  3. International retirement accounts: As a specialist in international investing and financial planning, GFM is Hong Kong’s leading advisor on US investment accounts, including US IRA, 401k, 529, and HSA accounts, and also manages HK ORSO and UK SIPP accounts.

GFM Group Limited is a Hong Kong based Type 9 licensed asset management firm (CE Ref BGT035) founded by former Bear Stearns managing directors Tariq Dennison CFPCM and Anand Batepati in 2014.

US IRA, 401k, 529, and HSA accounts, as well as some non-HK accounts are advised by our wholly owned U.S. legal entity GFM Asset Management LLC (US SEC Registered Investment Advisor #283810).