GFM – Long Run Wealth Management

GFM is a wealth management firm licensed and registered in the US and Hong Kong.

Our specialty is helping working professionals save and invest for long-term goals by owning the world’s best stocks, bonds, and funds. We are especially experienced with serving cross-border clients and retirement plans in a US tax friendly manner.

Services offered include:

  1. Managed investment accounts in the US and Hong Kong, from accumulation to income generation
  2. Financial planning with basic trust, tax and estate planning
  3. US retirement plans including IRA and 401(k) plans
  4. US 529 college savings plans and HSA health savings accounts
  5. Hong Kong ORSO retirement plans

GFM is founded and run by Tariq Dennison CFPCM,an IFPHK CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM professional, and Anand Batepati.

Read more in our FAQΒ on how toΒ open an account or contact usΒ with questions.

GFM’s advantages and differences include that we:

  1. Operate on fee-only basis
  2. Have more than 20 years’ international and cross-border experience
  3. Provide straight answers to financial questions in plain English, and
  4. Most importantly, focus on making sure financial plans get done

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