Videos of Jim Rogers speaking in Shenzhen February 25th 2017

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This past Saturday, February 25th 2017 at the Ritz-Carlton Shenzhen, legendary investor Jim Rogers spoke to packed rooms about China, investing, the dollar, and having children, especially girls. ¬†Below are just three short videos from the event posted on our YouTube channel “GFM Money Minute”: Be inspired!

"The biggest risk is thinking there's no risk" – two @MilkenInstitute quotes

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Today I’m sharing a link to a 2013 Youtube interview¬†with Michael Milken and Howard Marks with some memorable quotes on risk from a 2013 interview. Here¬†it is said “The biggest risk is thinking there’s no risk”, and “Life insurers can’t only¬†insure people who will never die, but they also ensure not all their policy holders […]

How to earn more than a STEM education with STEAMS

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STEM education is necessary, but¬†STEM graduates who also understand accounting and sales (which together I sometimes call “STEAMS”) will have a significant advantage in understanding which technologies are worth investing in and how to effectively serve them to the public. ¬†Adding these two business subjects to four “hard science” subjects is similar to how I […]

The 2%/50% rule: How fees and under-diversification can cost half a pension

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In my previous post, I mentioned that one of the top 10 lessons I learned in my first 10 years of investing my salary savings, bonuses, and 401(k) contributions is to beware of high-fee, low-service mutual funds and financial products. ¬†As a professional myself, I of course understand the need for professionals who manage and […]

GFM's REIT Watchlist for 2017 Q1

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Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are among our favorite alternatives to buying physical property as an investment. ¬†For reference, we list below 95 of the globally-listed REITs we are watching this quarter, which yield over 4% as a portfolio. ¬†Note that this a watchlist for educational and discussion purposes only and is not a recommendation […]

How I invested my first 10 years of savings, bonuses and 401(k)/IRA contributions and top 10 lessons learned

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Of all the habits I started early in my career, I would rank the habit of paying myself first, saving at least 10% of my income, saving rather than spending 100% of bonuses, and avoiding consumer debt as close to #1 as having paid off well and being well worth teaching my children and grandchildren. […]

Unicorn comps: 60 Internet Stocks worth US$1 billion or more

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I consider myself a relatively boring, probability of cashflows investor not easily attracted to hyper-growth promises of many Internet company investments. ¬†Nonetheless, I have slowly started to get more interested in established Internet companies as I see them developing moats and staying power that make them sustainable cash cows more than bets on speculative upside. […]

Asians spend 7.5x on education but 1/3x on housing vs Americans? From a 2015 Milken interview

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One of my favorite things to listen to in the background are interviews with influencers that occasionally say something to get me thinking about something I might not otherwise have thought of. ¬†Today I happened to be listening to a 2015¬†interview of Michael Milken with ASU Professor Jeff Cunningham. Among other things, I was surprised […]

Funding your 2016 and 2017 IRA now and automatically – the #MillionDollarDifference

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There are still two more months before the April 16th, 2017 deadline to make a 2016 contribution to your Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) account, and whether you open one with GFM or continue with your existing provider I will usually encourage you to “just do it” if you have qualified earned income. ¬†I have separate […]

Invest by Model or by Judgement? Join the #Buyside Debate @LipperLeaders @thomsonreuters

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Thomson Reuters advertised the question of whether predictive modeling or human judgement is more important to generating alpha by fund managers on the site As of the time I cast my vote, opinions still seem evenly split, but with more conviction on the model side than the human judgement side (and I doubt that’s […]