Biggest companies by decade

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Saw this table of the biggest companies by decade tweeted recently. The lists of companies and theme summary titles of each decade are too good not to save and share – will be very keen to see what these companies are in 2030!

LBO PE Multiples

2019 Leveraged Buyout Multiples Nearly Double 2001 Levels

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Thanks to this tweet from Meb Faber for sharing the below chart of multiples paid by private equity firms for leveraged buyouts (LBOs) since 2000 by “vintage year”. When asked why I don’t believe private equity will generate returns anywhere near as high as pensions and endowments have seen over the past 30 years, these […]

When New York Real Estate Lost 50%

When New York Real Estate Lost 50%

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In recent memory, the global financial crisis of 2008-2009 is what most of us might think of as the last time when real estate investors lost significant amounts of money. Other than extreme cases like those, we often think of investing in physical property as being “safe as houses”. Today’s suggested reading is this UC […]

How to double your money with government bonds in less than 2 years

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Today’s chart is thank’s to this tweet by Mohamed El-Erian. Government bonds bore most people, in part because they promise low fixed rates of return, barely above bank deposit rates, and often lock in their rates for long periods of time over which inflation could eat away the value of the principal returned at the […]

ten investment advisors

If you go to ten investment advisors and they tell you the same asset, you better stay away from it!

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One way I keep my education on market history fresh is by finding and watching decades-old videos of interviews with investing legends. In this one, Louis Rukeyser interviews Peter Lynch and Sir John Templeton. 4:40 into the interview, Templeton says one of the most quotable truths about the difference between investment advisors vs doctors and […]

Concubine definition in Hong Kong inheritance ordinance

“Concubine” still appears in Hong Kong Inheritance Law

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When reading through the Hong Kong’s Cap 481 Inheritance (Provision for family and dependents) ordinance, I was quite surprised to find the words “concubine” and “concubinage” not only appears and is defined, but is used a total of 10 times in just this law. I’m in no place to comment any further on it, other […]

Singapore then and now, 1980s photos from Mothership

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An article on Mothership showing photos of how Singapore has changed in the past 30 years:

Where to invest $1,000,000

Where to Invest $1,000,000 – Depending on Who You Ask

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Bloomberg recently published another article titled “Where to Invest $1,000,000 right now“, where six different experts provided six different opinions on where they would invest the million. Not surprisingly, the experts they asked tended to recommend investing in assets their companies sold or serviced (for example, the one who said investing in Vietnamese property was […]

Greater Bay Area GDP of Hong Kong + Shenzhen + Guangzhou over $ 1 trillion

Infographic: $1 trillion GDP of Hong Kong + Shenzhen + Guangzhou in the “Greater Bay Area”

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Today’s infographic comes from Bloomberg, whose article on the soon-to-be open bridge from Hong Kong to Macau and direct high-speed train to Guangzhou included a bubble map of the relative GDPs of the “Greater Bay Area”. At the turn of the century, I lived in San Francisco where I often heard the term “Bay Area” […]

Warren Buffett: Just looking at prices is gambling, not investing

Warren Buffett: Just looking at prices is gambling, not investing

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Both the rise in cryptocurrencies and the volatility of stock and bond prices last month have led to many questions about whether value stocks are still a good place to invest.Β  Growth stocks have risen in price far faster than value stocks over the past several years, and especially last year, which was marked by […]