Political risk

US Political Risk For Investors in 2021 And Beyond

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Modelling your future investment returns is most clearly done by writing down a list of scenarios, estimating how much money your investment would make or lose in each scenario, and then assigning probabilities to those scenarios. Like an insurance company writing a policy, or a casino choosing to offer a new game, we make the […]

JP Morgan Large Cap Growth vs Small Cap Value 3×3 Grid, July 2020 edition

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One tweet I found worth sharing today was this one by @NateGeraci showing JP Morgan’s 3×3 grid of past performance and current P/E ratios of large caps vs small caps and growth vs value stocks. Fans of Morningstar will be very familiar with the 3×3 style grid idea from there, and I have also written […]

Webinar: What Non-US Investors Need To Know About Investing In The US

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US stock, bond, and real estate markets remain a top investment destination for foreign investors from around the world due to its well-respected rule of law and property rights, leading regulation, and strong financial privacy protections. What comes as a nasty surprise to many non-US investors into the US are the many tax traps that […]

US State Tax Planning

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US Federal taxes are complicated enough, but residents of most US states know that state and local taxes (sometimes known as “SALT”) add an additional level payments and possible complexity. While US persons (citizens and permanent residents) are generally taxed on our worldwide income and estates regardless of where we live in the world, many […]

Top S&P 500 ETFs

Top S&P 500 ETFs as of 2019 Q2

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I have long argued that the S&P 500 is an overrated, overused stock market index benchmark, while also admitting it is still one of the best constructed and balanced benchmarks globally.Β  By comparison, the flagship benchmarks of Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and other countries tend to be far more lopsided with industry concentrations in […]

How different investments have performed during recessions

How different investments have performed during recessions

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While I am often asked “is now a good time to invest?” in both booming and declining economic times, I have recently been asked more and more about whether the economy is due for its first global recession since 2008-2009, and how to invest in preparation for the next recession.Β  I recently wrote a short […]

US Large Growth vs Small Cap Value, 1980-2018, by Russell Indexes

How to Beat the Market, Factor 3: Buy Small Cap Value, Not the Big “Glamour” Stocks

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For the third factor in this series, I wanted to highlight two of the most “classical” factors for classifying and selecting stocks: size (large vs small) and cheapness (growth vs value).Β  These factors were perhaps most famously identified by academics Eugene Fama and Kenneth French, and popularised in the 3×3 grid used by Morningstar to […]

S&P 500 Buyback Yield Achievers beat the market

How to Beat the Market, Factor 2: Buyback Yield and Total Shareholder Return

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Buyback yield is one of the top factors I look for in stocks of companies I buy.Β  Buyback yield can be thought of one of at least four components of total shareholder return, the others being book value growth, debt reduction / deleveraging yield (familiar to anyone who has paid down principal on a mortgage), […]

US Trusts and Estate Planning Seminar

US Trusts and Estate Planning Seminar Dec 13th 6:30pm in Central, Hong Kong

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California-based attorney and asset protection expert Vivian Yuan is back in Hong Kong as a visiting speaker on Wednesday, December 13th at 6:30pm for our US trusts and estate planning seminar. Alaska, Wyoming, and South Dakota trusts are among those can be used by both American and non-Americans to better control investment and business assets […]

401k rollover to an IRA investment account

How to do a 401k rollover to an IRA as an expat

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After changing jobs, or even getting posted on an expat assignment by the same company, employees generally have the freedom to do a 401k rollover of their retirement savings account to an IRA account at their choice of brokerage firm or mutual fund company.Β  Doing a 401k rollover to an IRA, and consolidating all your […]