Webinar: What Non-US Investors Need To Know About Investing In The US

US stock, bond, and real estate markets remain a top investment destination for foreign investors from around the world due to its well-respected rule of law and property rights, leading regulation, and strong financial privacy protections. What comes as a nasty surprise to many non-US investors into the US are the many tax traps that can eat a large share of your investment, including withholding taxes (e.g. FIRPTA) and potentially massive estate taxes.

In a free webinar session on June 24th at 6pm Hong Kong time, cross-border wealth specialist Tariq Dennison explains some of the key US tax traps non-US investors into US markets should be aware of, and strategies foreign investors can use to best protect your US investments.

Register before the event here: https://event.webinarjam.com/register/8/7wo0zul

For Non-Resident Aliens or US taxpayers living outside the US with 401K and IRA accounts, I am doing a separate webinar the week earlier on June 16th.