Reference: Companies returning the most cash to shareholders, by industry, 2014-2016

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Another list of companies for easy reference, please see links and use with care.

Data visualisation scatterplot on the fundamental data of 102 Hong Kong based and listed companies

Data Visualisation for Listed Company Fundamental Data

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I recently re-launched our experimental data visualisation tool on This tool is useful for: Running scatterplots on fundamental data of listed stocks Creating and sharing watchlists of these listed stocks    

Lists of Closed-end Funds and Investment Trusts in the US, UK, Canada and Australia

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Although ETFs have become the exchange-traded investment vehicle of choice over the past 25 years, closed-end funds remain a relevant way to access less liquid and less scalable assets, and for this reason they are often available at a discount to their net asset value with many paying high dividend yields. As a handy reference, […]