Lists of Closed-end Funds and Investment Trusts in the US, UK, Canada and Australia

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Although ETFs have become the exchange-traded investment vehicle of choice over the past 25 years, closed-end funds remain a relevant way to access less liquid and less scalable assets, and for this reason they are often available at a discount to their net asset value with many paying high dividend yields. As a handy reference, […]

Dividend Data Websites for 6 Major English-Language Stock Exchanges Around the World

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In addition to market data, financial statements, and fundamental ratios, I find it very valuable to have up-to-date websites and data sources with clean information on a listed company’s dividends, both upcoming and historical. ┬áDividend yields on many stock information pages can be unreliable, as it is not always clear when trailing 12 months or […]

Top 70 Listed Employers by Number of Employees

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“Jobs”, not just number of jobs, but also quality of jobs, has always been one of the most important drivers of an industrial economy. ┬áThe 21st century already seems to be showing a different outlook on jobs and employment than the 20th century given the triple threat of older demographics, lower productivity growth, and the […]

Top Hong Kong listed ETFs by volume, expense ratio and board lot size

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Hong Kong still has a “board lot” requirement that shares of stocks, ETFs, and other HKEX exchange-traded securities still be traded in minimum chunks that can range from 10 to thousands of shares per trade. As a reference, below are a list of HKEX-listed ETFs with useful information like expense ratio, board lot size, and […]