List of Oldest Mutual Funds

Oldest Mutual Funds

The mutual fund as we know it today is almost 100 years old, and following important steps in 1934 and 1940 and then in 1974, mutual funds can be thanked for helping a large percentage of average working individuals save trillions of dollars for retirement in ways pre 20th century history might not have imagined. I wanted to post these lists of some of the oldest mutual funds partly out of historical interest, but also because continuous historical returns of these funds can serve as a simple and useful view of long-term performance of what actual investors in, say, stocks versus bonds might have earned over the past century. For the 21st century, I believe there are several advantages of using ETFs instead of mutual funds, or better yet, investing directly where you can.

As with my other lists, this post is for reference purposes only and does not contain any recommendations or investment advice. The funds below are US funds only.

These following lists of the oldest mutual funds are from the US Fidelity Fund Screener.

Oldest Mutual Funds Overall – Stock Funds

Name Symbol
MFS+Massachusetts+Investors+Trust MITTX
Pioneer+Fund PIODX
Congress+Large+Cap+Growth+Fund CMLIX
DWS+Core+Equity+Fund SUWAX
Fidelity+Fund FFIDX

Oldest Bond Mutual Funds

Name Symbol
DWS+Total+Return+Bond+Fund SZIAX
Northeast+Investors+Trust NTHEX
Putnam+Income+Fund PINCX
Ivy+Corporate+Bond+fund IBJAX
Federated+Fund+US+Government+Securities FUSGX
Franklin+High+Income+Fund FHQRX
Lord+Abbot+Bond+Debenture+Fund LBNDX
Fidelity+Investment+Grade+Bond+Fund FBNDX

Oldest International Mutual Funds

Name Symbol
Selected+International+Fund SLSSX
DWS+CROCI+International+Fund SUIAX
Templeton+Growth+Fund TEPLX
Virtus+Vonotobel+Global+Opportunities+Fund NWWOX
Oppenheimer+Global+Fund OPPAX
American+Funds+New+Perspective+Fund ANWPX
Blackrock+Asian+Dragon+Fund MAPCX
Fidelity+Overseas+Fund FOSFX

Oldest Money Market Funds

Name Symbol
Fidelity+Government+Cash+Reserves FDRXX
Fidelity+Municipal+Money+Market+Fund FTEXX
Fidelity+Treasury+Money+Market+Fund FZFXX

Oldest Sector Funds

Name Symbol
DWS+Science+and+Technology+Fund KTCAX
Franklin+Utilities+Fund FKUQX
VanEck+Gold+Fund INIVX
Sterling+Capital+Stratton+Real+Estate+Fund STMDX
Fidelity+Select+Energy FSENX
Fidelity+Select+Health+Care FSPHX

Oldest Alternative Investment Mutual Funds in the US

Name Symbol
Gateway+Fund GATEX
Touchstone+Dynamic+Equity TDEAX
Comstock+Capital+Value+Fund COMVX
Blackrock+Tactical+Opportunities+Fund PBAIX
Oppenheimer+Fundamental+Alternatives+Fund QVOPX
The+Merger+Fund MERIX
Templeton+Global+Currency+Fund ICPHX
Calamos+Market+Neutral+Income+Fund CVSIX

Oldest Sustainable / Socially Responsible Funds

Name Symbol
Dreyfus+Sustainable+US+Equity+Fund DTCAX
Alliance+Bernstein+Sustainable+Global+Thematic ALTFX