Reading her diary: the financial habits of working women

Reading her diary: peeking into the financial habits of working women

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I admit one of my greatest challenges as a financial planner is understanding the feelings and priorities of clients who don’t look at money the same way I do. I am very much a numbers-driven person, and let cold, dry calculations drive my investment and personal finance decisions and recommendations more than most. My preference […]

Saving now vs later

Saving now vs later: Calculating the difference

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In an earlier post, I posted a static chart with some calculations on the difference between saving now vs later, and how saving for 10 years from age 25 to 35 can leave you with more in retirement savings than waiting to save the save amount each year for 30 years from age 35 to […]

Book Review: "Millionaire Teacher" and "Global Expat's Guide to Investing" by Andrew Hallam

Book Review: “Millionaire Teacher” and “Global Expatriate’s Guide to Investing” by Andrew Hallam

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I recently picked up and read through Andrew Hallam‘s books “Millionaire Teacher” and “Global Expatriate’s Guide to Investing”.  Both area easy reads with plenty of useful examples of how to save more and avoid getting ripped off by salespeople posing as financial advisors.  Even though I don’t agree with everything he says, I would recommend these […]

When comparing travel insurance in Hong Kong, especially HSBC vs Aimviva, I have found Aimviva to be a better deal

Comparing Travel Insurance: HSBC vs Aimviva Travel Club

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Those who know me know I enjoy shopping for insurance far more than most people, so it should be no surprise I have often spent some time comparing travel insurance options before each of my many trips over the past several years.  Over the years, I have bought travel insurance from American Express, HSBC, Manulife, […]

Whole life vs term life insurance: the "Buy Term Invest the Difference" calculation

Whole life vs term life insurance: the “Buy Term Invest the Difference” calculation

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Deciding between whole life vs term life insurance should rationally be driven by the numbers, especially the “buy term invest the difference” calculation below to illustrate the difference between the two types of life insurance.  As much as insurance companies advertise a warm image of caring families, and while a good life insurance agent naturally […]

200000 Vietnamese dong notes, worth less than US$10 each but more than most free financial advice

Three Ways Free Financial Advice Ends Up Costing More

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Some free advice is worth every penny you pay for it, but free financial advice (like free medical or legal advice) often ends up costing more than most fees. Clearly, I don’t believe all free financial advice is bad, as I often share it myself in at least two ways: A. When the advice is […]

Noodles represent long life, but what are your odds of living to age 100?

Mortality Tables By Country – Your Odds of Living to Age 100

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As a financial planner, I was trained to assume a client will live to age 100 in order to be at least 95% confident that the client would not outlive their savings.  By what are your odds of living to age 100?  According to the US Social Security Administration (first link below), a male born […]

Would you take an even bet to win $20 / lose $10 bet, times 100?

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YouTube has the amazing ability to suggest other videos I’m interested when I’m looking for something else.  This one shows the surprising results of asking several people on the street if they would accept a bet tilted in their favor, especially if they were allowed to repeat the bet 100 times. Investing is of course […]

March 15 2017 College Savings Seminar: Planning and Paying for it

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Sending a child to university is one of the largest big-ticket financial goals for many families.  A 4-year degree at a top college can easily cost over US$200,000 / HK$1,500,000 per child, and this cost has been rising far faster than the overall rate of inflation. Hong Kong based CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM Professional Tariq Dennison […]

The 2%/50% rule: How fees and under-diversification can cost half a pension

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In my previous post, I mentioned that one of the top 10 lessons I learned in my first 10 years of investing my salary savings, bonuses, and 401(k) contributions is to beware of high-fee, low-service mutual funds and financial products.  As a professional myself, I of course understand the need for professionals who manage and […]