Hong Kong vs Singapore

Photo: DBS star ferry ad in Hong Kong captures UBS, AXA, and Pru in one shot

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When taking this quick snapshot of Singapore’s DBS bank’s “full boat” on Hong Kong’s star ferry this weekend, I noticed that by chance, the background also happened to include competitors ranging from Swiss bank UBS to French and British insurers AXA and Prudential, respectively. I wouldn’t say this photo alone is a sign that Hong […]

When comparing travel insurance in Hong Kong, especially HSBC vs Aimviva, I have found Aimviva to be a better deal

Comparing Travel Insurance: HSBC vs Aimviva Travel Club

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Those who know me know I enjoy shopping for insurance far more than most people, so it should be no surprise I have often spent some time comparing travel insurance options before each of my many trips over the past several years.Β  Over the years, I have bought travel insurance from American Express, HSBC, Manulife, […]

“Road Less Traded” 2009 Train Trip Through 23 Countries in 206 Days Itinerary

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This is a re-print of the itinerary taken through 23 (mostly) emerging market countries in 2009, by train, with my wife and son, over about 206 days that year. I was fortunate to find it still exists on this old blog of mine. 9 April: Fly from JFK to India, lose the 10th via connection […]