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Comparing Travel Insurance: HSBC vs Aimviva Travel Club

When comparing travel insurance in Hong Kong, especially HSBC vs Aimviva, I have found Aimviva to be a better deal

Those who know me know I enjoy shopping for insurance far more than most people, so it should be no surprise I have often spent some time comparing travel insurance options before each of my many trips over the past several years.Β  Over the years, I have bought travel insurance from American Express, HSBC, Manulife, and AXA, and tried both single trip and annual policies, and fortunately have only ever had to test this coverage with one major and one minor claim so far.Β  This year, I am trying something different by joining the Aimviva travel club, which in addition to covering members with a full year of travel insurance that seems more generous than HSBC‘s plus several other benefits I’ve already started to enjoy (especially the global data roaming SIM card and discounted airport lounge access), all for less than the cost of most annual travel insurance policies.

I am pleased to share with my readers the discount code to join the Aimviva travel club for HK$1,041 (US$133) for one year through this link:ΒΒ . By comparison, an annual one-person travel insurance policy from HSBC TravelSurance in Hong Kong with less generous coverage cost HK$1,325 when I looked today.Β  The big disadvantage so far is that the club only seems to cover one individual member, so I joined to cover my business travel but not my family trips.

You should be able to join and enjoy the travel insurance cover no matter where you live, but I have so far found the HKD price cheaper than the direct USD price, so I share the HKD link.

Full disclosure: Aimviva (no relation with Aviva) was started by my personal friend Brad Emery.Β  The above link has my affiliate code, so that he knows the referral came through me, but is the discounted membership rate with no commission, so I get no money from you joining through the above link.Β  Aimviva provides travel insurance coverage to its members only and does not sell insurance or any other club benefit separately.

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