Oldest Mutual Funds

List of Oldest Mutual Funds

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The mutual fund as we know it today is almost 100 years old, and following important steps in 1934 and 1940 and then in 1974, mutual funds can be thanked for helping a large percentage of average working individuals save trillions of dollars for retirement in ways pre 20th century history might not have imagined. […]

Where to invest $1,000,000

Where to Invest $1,000,000 – Depending on Who You Ask

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Bloomberg recently published another article titled “Where to Invest $1,000,000 right now“, where six different experts provided six different opinions on where they would invest the million. Not surprisingly, the experts they asked tended to recommend investing in assets their companies sold or serviced (for example, the one who said investing in Vietnamese property was […]

Invest Outside the Box on Amazon

It’s official, my first book “Invest Outside the Box” is available on Amazon August 14th!

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Just noticed my book “Invest Outside the Box” has finally appeared on Amazon with an available date of August 14th – looking forward to seeing it on shelves and on the desks of practitioners!  

Cambridge university, one of 415 on fafsa.ed.gov's 2018-19 list of 529 plans list of foreign universities

List of Foreign Universities on the US DoE list, for 529 Plans

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529 plans are one of the best US tax-advantaged vehicles for college savings.  While 529 plans are sponsored by a US state, you do not need to be resident in a state to participate in that state’s 529 plans, nor will investing in a state’s 529 plan limit you to that state’s schools.    In […]

IRS Form 8621 for PFICs (Foreign Mutual Funds)

PFIC: How Non-US Mutual Funds are a 4-letter word to Americans Overseas

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Many Americans living outside the US have visited their local bank to be told that they are not allowed to purchase investment products outside the US, often without being told any more details as to why not.  While Americans can and should directly own investments outside the US (I personally own and buy for US […]

When Foreign Government Bonds (Sovereign) also give “buy low, sell high” opportunities

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One of my favorite books is Ben Graham’s “The Intelligent Investor”. This page from the fourth revised edition (1973) gives a short but fascinating history of some amazing price swings in the not-too-obscure category of foreign government bonds, interesting in part because the government issuers aren’t around in the same form any more (Cuba had […]

Vanguard Stock Mutual Funds PB vs ROE ratios March 2018

Top Vanguard Mutual Funds for Enhanced Asset Allocation

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Vanguard is synonymous with low-cost, passive investing.  Here I present some charts showing some metrics that can be used to enhance an asset allocation of the top Vanguard mutual funds even among these broadly diversified, passive funds. Despite my disagreements with him, Jack Bogle remains one of the foundational figures of today’s investing world I […]

What do the wealthy invest in?

What do the wealthy invest in? More stocks than funds or properties, according to the IRS

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When considering which asset classes to invest in, it makes sense to ask “what do the wealthy invest in?”. First generation American millionaires tend to earn more of their wealth from their investments than directly from their salaries, and so one guide for deciding which of the many different types of investments best build wealth […]

When the market falls, don't sell your stocks or your house, but look for rising rents/earnings

When the market falls 10%, you don’t sell your house or your stocks, but look for rising rents/earnings at better prices

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Over the past week, stock and bond markets around the world have fallen more than many people remember seeing in years.  After an amazingly smooth ride up in 2017, when the S&P 500 index rose almost 20% without declining more than 2% on any day that year, investors were suddenly reminded over the past week […]

Investing in Stocks vs Property, Yale data

Investing in Stocks vs Property, Stocks Rose 7x More than Real Estate Over 125 Years of Yale Data

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I am often asked about investing in stocks vs property, as owning physical residential real estate is an understandably popular investment choice in Hong Kong and other major cities.  Urban professionals have seen apartment prices, and their rents, rise faster than inflation and almost as quickly as their salaries, and there is a level of […]