Personal Finance Math From My 1992 High School Textbook

Personal Finance Math From My 1992 High School Textbook

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The other day I happened to pick up a copy of my 11th grade math textbook published in 1992, and came across these two practical personal finance problems as a reminder of how much times have changed. The most obvious difference between then and now is how far interest rates have fallen. In 1992, the […]

Webinars on China Options, European Futures, and US Universities

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My next three scheduled webinars cover a variety of topics on a variety of continents: On April 13th, in collaboration with Interactive Brokers and Singapore Exchange, I’ll be explaining option strategies investors can use to fine-tune risk/reward exposure to Chinese stocks: Register Here On April 15th, in collaboration with Interactive Brokers and Eurex, I’ll be […]

how much 529

How much should I put in a 529 college savings plan each year?

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529 college savings plans have no hard and fixed annual contribution limits, unlike IRA, HSA, 401(k), or many other US tax-deferred accounts.ย  Rather, 529 plans are often subject to state-set overall contribution limit that you should not put in more than 4 years’ worth of expenses at the most expensive university you could spend the […]

Cambridge university, one of 415 on's 2018-19 list of 529 plans list of foreign universities

List of Foreign Universities on the US DoE list, for 529 Plans

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529 plans are one of the best US tax-advantaged vehicles for college savings.ย  While 529 plans are sponsored by a US state, you do not need to be resident in a state to participate in that state’s 529 plans, nor will investing in a state’s 529 plan limit you to that state’s schools.ย  ย  In […]

G for got it - what I hope a 10 year old child will say after buying their 10 first stocks

10 first stocks to buy a 10-year old to start investing early

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My latest article describes how to choose the 10 first stocks to buy a 10-year old, and why I think it’s important to start kids investing in individual companies rather than mutual funds from an early age. As I disclose: I bought Coca-cola for my older child and PepsiCo for my younger child because they […]

The Best 529 Plans for Expats can fund four or more years at America's finest universities, including UC Berkeley

Best 529 Plans for Expats in Hong Kong

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529 plans are one of the most tax-efficient ways for US taxpayers to save and invest for college and other higher education fees.ย  The best 529 plans for expats (which here refers to any US citizen or green card holder living outside the United States, regardless of where you were born) overlap with the best […]

Saving for College and Retirement: Starting with these primary school language books

Jan 17 Presentation at the AWA: “Saving for College and Retirement”

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I’ll be presenting to American Women’s Association in Hong Kong on January 17th, 2018 at 10am about saving for college and retirement, and look forward to hearing some good questions on finding and funding universities, 529 plans, IRAs, and 401(k) rollovers, as well as more personal questions.ย  Details are also on page 24 of the […]

Tariq Dennison teaches 1-day repo workshop to professional bond traders in Manila, Philippines on October 24th, 2017

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On October 24th, 2017, GFM’s Tariq Dennison presented an intensive 1-day repo workshop to over 60 professional bond traders in Manila, Philippines, with the goal of developing an active and liquid repo market for local Philippine peso bonds. “Repo” is short for “sale and repurchase agreement”, and is the main way banks and funds finance […]

Top 28 Countries for overseas college education, according to THE World University Rankings

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In preparation for today’s college savings seminar, I updated the following table on which countries have the most universities, students, and international students in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings top 200 universities. Perhaps not surprisingly for an English language publication, the US and UK together hold 95 of the top 200 spots, with […]

Videos of Jim Rogers speaking in Shenzhen February 25th 2017

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This past Saturday, February 25th 2017 at the Ritz-Carlton Shenzhen, legendary investor Jim Rogers spoke to packed rooms about China, investing, the dollar, and having children, especially girls. ย Below are just three short videos from the event posted on our YouTube channel “GFM Money Minute”: Be inspired!