Webinars on China Options, European Futures, and US Universities

My next three scheduled webinars cover a variety of topics on a variety of continents:

On April 13th, in collaboration with Interactive Brokers and Singapore Exchange, I’ll be explaining option strategies investors can use to fine-tune risk/reward exposure to Chinese stocks: Register Here

On April 15th, in collaboration with Interactive Brokers and Eurex, I’ll be explaining how excited I am about the upcoming launch of “micro futures” contracts on the EURO STOXX 50, DAX, and SMI stock benchmarks: Register Here

Then on May 6th, in collaboration with seasoned college admissions expert Gerry Chu of Apply Ivy, we’ll be discussing how to prepare your student to attend university in the US, whether next year or 16 years from now, and of course I’ll review the basics of 529 plans. Register Here

Of course, I’ve also been getting a lot of questions about the US stimulus and what that means for stocks, bonds, and inflation, and hopefully I’ll find time to speak about those topics as well.

Looking forward to seeing you online!