50 Largest Utilities by Market Cap 2017

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As another useful reference, here is a list of 50 of the largest utility stocks as of January 2017: RIC Name ¬†USD Market Cap (Millions) industry NEE NextEra Energy Inc ¬†$55,638 Electric DUK Duke Energy Corp ¬†$53,551 Electric SO Southern Co ¬†$48,010 Electric D Dominion Resources Inc ¬†$47,790 Electric ENEI.MI Enel SpA ¬†$44,468 Electric NG.L […]

30 Largest Ground Transport Stocks 2017

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Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love train travel, whether long-distance between cities or underground on a city’s metro system. ¬†Perhaps not surprisingly, Hong Kong’s MTRC is the largest listed metro operator, while Japan offers the biggest and most diverse portfolio of listed rail operators. ¬†Further down the list you find Singapore […]

2017 Q1 500 Stock watchlist

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Without context, here are a list of 500 global stocks on one of our watchlists for 2017Q1. This post is not a recommendation to buy or sell any of these securities. RIC Name Type HON Honeywell International Inc Industrial Conglomerates MMC Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc Multiline Insurance & Brokers LUV Southwest Airlines Co Airlines […]

Top 30 Distillery, Winery aka non-Beer Alcoholic Beverage Companies by Market Cap 2017

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Somewhat related to my earlier lists of beer brewers and casinos, here is a list of 30 of the largest listed non-beer alcoholic beverage stocks by market cap (identified in some sector classifications as distillers or wineries). ¬†This is usually one of my favorite sectors, as it is a relatively simple business to take fruit […]

Top 20 Largest Gold Mining Stocks by Market Cap 2017

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The relative performance of investing in gold vs gold mining stocks is charted at the end of my September 2016 article on why gold is a relatively poor investment. ¬†Although it is not a sector I like, I have decided to post as a reference 20 of the largest gold mining companies by market cap […]

Top Hong Kong listed ETFs by volume, expense ratio and board lot size

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Hong Kong still has a “board lot” requirement that shares of stocks, ETFs, and other HKEX exchange-traded securities still be traded in minimum chunks that can range from 10 to thousands of shares per trade. As a reference, below are a list of HKEX-listed ETFs with useful information like expense ratio, board lot size, and […]

30 Largest Hotel, Motel and Cruise Line Companies by Market Cap 2017

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Here are a list of 30 of the largest hotel chain, motel and cruise line companies by market cap as of January 2017. ¬†This sector had an average return on assets of 2% with wide variation based on the different business models of these companies. RIC Name ¬†USD Market Cap (Millions) CCL.L / CUK Carnival […]

14 Largest Beer Brewing Stocks by Market Cap 2017

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As a Friday list, I thought I’d post a reference of 14 of the largest listed beer brewing companies in our universe by market cap. ¬†It’s worth noting that Anheuser Busch InBev (perhaps most famous for Budweiser) is larger than the other 13 combined, it shows its economy of scale in having a higher than […]

The 200 Largest Drug / Pharmaceutical Companies by Market Cap 2017

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Legal drugs are a big business, with over 200 companies each worth at least US$200 million, and 7 worth over $100 billion. ¬†Medicines are one of the few types of products I find advertised about equally in the US and in Hong Kong (otherwise I think of the US as mostly advertising cars and consumer […]

Minimums to invest are sometimes based on the price of a daily cup of coffee

30 Largest Restaurant Stocks in 2017

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It may or may not surprise you to consider McDonald’s and Starbucks as the world’s largest restaurant company. As a professional having lots of meetings in coffee shops, I naturally wonder about Starbucks’ and its competitors’ profitability while I am waiting for my next meeting. On the other hand, it may not be too surprising […]