Top 30 Distillery, Winery aka non-Beer Alcoholic Beverage Companies by Market Cap 2017

Somewhat related to my earlier lists of beer brewers and casinos, here is a list of 30 of the largest listed non-beer alcoholic beverage stocks by market cap (identified in some sector classifications as distillers or wineries).  This is usually one of my favorite sectors, as it is a relatively simple business to take fruit or grain water and ferment/distill it into an alcoholic beverage that can be sold at several times the cost of making it.  Distribution, marketing, and differentiation is usually the hardest challenge in this industry, and explains why average returns on assets range from -10% for many financially struggling distillers to +10-20%+ reported for ThaiBev and Kweichow Moutai.  It can be debatable whether these companies should actually be considered “sin stocks” or “vice investments”, as wine and distilled alcohol are not always considered as morally bad or good as gambling, moneylending, or arms dealing.

30 of the largest alcoholic beverage companies by market cap are:

RIC Name  USD Market Cap (Millions)
DGE.L / DEO Diageo PLC  $65,168
600519.SS Kweichow Moutai Co Ltd  $60,887
STZ Constellation Brands Inc  $31,742
PERP.PA Pernod Ricard SA  $28,745
TBEV.SI Thai Beverage PCL  $14,969
TWE.AX Treasury Wine Estates Ltd  $5,759
CPRI.MI Davide Campari Milano SpA  $5,644
RCOP.PA Remy Cointreau SA  $4,245
603589.SS Anhui Kouzi Distillery Co Ltd  $2,806
0530.HK Goldin Financial Holdings Ltd  $2,668
2531.T Takara Holdings Inc  $2,006
FEVR.L Fevertree Drinks PLC  $1,604
600559.SS Hebei Hengshui Laobaigan Liquor Co Ltd  $1,482
VCO Vina Concha y Toro SA  $1,233
600059.SS Zhejiang Guyuelongshan Shaoxing Wine Co Ltd  $1,201
600197.SS Xinjiang Yilite Industry Co Ltd  $927
0472.HK New Silkroad Culturaltainment Ltd  $608
BDL.MC Baron de Ley SA  $524
LPER.PA Laurent Perrier SA  $446
STCK.L Stock Spirits Group PLC  $438
2540.T Yomeishu Seizo Co Ltd  $265
0039.HK China Beidahuang Industry Group Holdings Ltd  $256
0828.HK Dynasty Fine Wines Group Ltd  $232
BOLS.AS Lucas Bols Amsterdam BV  $229
2533.T Oenon Holdings Inc  $146
SWAG.DE Schloss Wachenheim AG  $127
ROX Castle Brands Inc  $127
AVG.AX Australian Vintage Ltd  $87
BEZ.DE Berentzen Gruppe AG  $79
0389.HK China Tontine Wines Group Ltd  $65