30 Largest Ground Transport Stocks 2017

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love train travel, whether long-distance between cities or underground on a city’s metro system.  Perhaps not surprisingly, Hong Kong’s MTRC is the largest listed metro operator, while Japan offers the biggest and most diverse portfolio of listed rail operators.  Further down the list you find Singapore taxi operator Comfort Del Gro and car rental companies like Avis and Sixt, showing which countries emphasize automotive transport over rail transport. So as reference, here is the list of the 30 largest ground transport stocks as of January 2017:

RIC Name  USD Market Cap (Millions)
9022.T Central Japan Railway Co  $33,931
9020.T East Japan Railway Co  $33,873
0066.HK MTR Corp Ltd  $29,203
9021.T West Japan Railway Co  $11,903
9005.T Tokyu Corp  $9,246
9042.T Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Inc  $8,168
9007.T Odakyu Electric Railway Co Ltd  $7,301
9041.T Kintetsu Group Holdings Co Ltd  $7,284
9006.T Keikyu Corp  $6,401
9024.T Seibu Holdings Inc  $6,142
9001.T Tobu Railway Co Ltd  $5,343
9008.T Keio Corp  $5,291
0525.HK / GSH Guangshen Railway Co Ltd  $5,135
9048.T Nagoya Railroad Co Ltd  $4,451
9009.T Keisei Electric Railway Co Ltd  $4,190
CMDG.SI Comfortdelgro Corporation Ltd  $3,760
9045.T Keihan Holdings Co Ltd  $3,723
CAR.O Avis Budget Group Inc  $3,293
9044.T Nankai Electric Railway Co Ltd  $2,880
SIXG.DE Sixt SE  $2,328
0699.HK CAR Inc  $2,292
NEX.L National Express Group PLC  $2,209
600611.SS Dazhong Transportation Group Co Ltd  $2,079
9031.T Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co Ltd  $1,815
600662.SS Shanghai Qiangsheng Holding Co Ltd  $1,720
600708.SS Bright Real Estate Group Co Ltd  $1,708
603508.SS Henan Thinker Automatic Equipment Co Ltd  $1,604
600650.SS Shanghai Jin Jiang International Industrial Investment Co Ltd  $1,550
SGC.L Stagecoach Group PLC  $1,539
FGP.L FirstGroup PLC  $1,539