When New York Real Estate Lost 50%

When New York Real Estate Lost 50%

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In recent memory, the global financial crisis of 2008-2009 is what most of us might think of as the last time when real estate investors lost significant amounts of money. Other than extreme cases like those, we often think of investing in physical property as being “safe as houses”. Today’s suggested reading is this UC […]

Harvard paper on stocks vs property vs bonds

Harvard paper on investment returns of stocks vs property vs bonds, 1870-2015

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I am very often asked how investing in stocks compares with investing in property (aka “real estate”) as far as long-term investment returns. Many of us who’ve been in the market for a few decades have seen rents and property prices in many cities double, triple, or more, while I hear far more mixed experiences […]

Top 500 REITs by Sector

REITs by Sector: Top 500+ Globally

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My lists of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have been among my most read posts on this blog. Last post listed Asia-Pacific REITs by exchange, while here I wanted to post a separate list of REITs by sector. Commercial REITs A & J Mucklow Group P L C, MKLW.L, http://www.mucklow.com Activia Properties Inc, 3279.T, http://www.activia-reit.co.jp […]

US Equity REITs vs Mortgage REITs - owners made 13x as much as lenders

US Equity REITs vs Mortgage REITs vs Physical Property: 2 charts

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I’ve spoken and written extensively on real estate investment trusts (REITs), but just came across these two charts comparing the performance of US equity REITs vs mortgage REITs, and the long-term total return of US REITs vs physical real estate. Chart #1: Performance of equity REITs vs mortgage REITs Equity REITs own properties, and collect […]

Top US Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) by Dividend Yield and Growth

Top 12 US Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) by Dividend Yield and Growth

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So far, many of the most read posts on this website have been my lists of real estate investment trusts (REITs), especially my post this time least year about the top 200 US real estate investment trusts by market cap.ย  As mentioned, US REITs and REIT funds tend to be especially well suited to IRA, […]

Yes, you can own real estate in an IRA, but should you?

Yes, you can own real estate in an IRA, but should you?

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How to buy real estate in an IRA It is actually relatively easy to buy real estate in an IRA.ย  The main step required is to rollover your IRA balance from your old 401k plan or IRA custodian to a “self-directed IRA” with a custodian that focuses on the administration and compliance of self-directed IRAs.ย  […]

Stocks vs Real Estate: Residential Property prices in 10 countries according to BIS

Investing in Property vs Investing in Stocks: the BIS Data on 10 Countries’ Residential Real Estate Markets

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Last month I posted a chart on how stock prices rose 7x more than house prices over the 20th century, which although backward looking, provides some idea of why investors should consider allocating as much of their wealth to stocks as to investment real estate. Here I expand the chart with data from the BIS […]

When the market falls, don't sell your stocks or your house, but look for rising rents/earnings

When the market falls 10%, you don’t sell your house or your stocks, but look for rising rents/earnings at better prices

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Over the past week, stock and bond markets around the world have fallen more than many people remember seeing in years.ย  After an amazingly smooth ride up in 2017, when the S&P 500 index rose almost 20% without declining more than 2% on any day that year, investors were suddenly reminded over the past week […]

Investing in Stocks vs Property, Yale data

Investing in Stocks vs Property, Stocks Rose 7x More than Real Estate Over 125 Years of Yale Data

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I am often asked about investing in stocks vs property, as owning physical residential real estate is an understandably popular investment choice in Hong Kong and other major cities.ย  Urban professionals have seen apartment prices, and their rents, rise faster than inflation and almost as quickly as their salaries, and there is a level of […]

Largest Listed Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) – Top 400 by Assets as of 2017

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This is list of the world’s largest real estate investment trusts (REITs) by assets as of 2017 is based on data from public filings on the major stock exchanges we currently have access to. REITs are one of our favorite topics and sectors, and this site contains many posts listing the largest in Japanย (J-REITs), the […]