REITs by Sector: Top 500+ Globally

Top 500 REITs by Sector

My lists of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have been among my most read posts on this blog. Last post listed Asia-Pacific REITs by exchange, while here I wanted to post a separate list of REITs by sector.

Commercial REITs

  1. A & J Mucklow Group P L C, MKLW.L,
  2. Activia Properties Inc, 3279.T,
  3. Aew UK Reit PLC, AEWU.L,
  4. Affine RE SA, BTPP.PA,
  5. Agellan Commercial Real Estate Invtmt TR, ACR_u.TO,
  6. Aims Property Securities Fund, APW.AX,
  7. Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc, ARE,
  8. American Assets Trust, Inc, AAT,
  9. Armada Hoffler Properties Inc, AHH,
  10. Artis Real Estate Investment Trust, AX_u.TO,
  11. Ascendas India Trust, AINT.SI,
  12. Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust, AEMN.SI,
  13. Axiare Patrimonio SOCIMI SA, AXIA.MC,
  14. Befimmo SA, BEFB.BR,
  15. BlackWall Property Trust, BWR.AX,
  16. Bleecker SA, BLEE.PA,
  17. British Land Company PLC, BLND.L,
  18. Brookfield Canada Office Properties, BOX_u.TO,
  19. BWP Trust, BWP.AX,
  20. Canadian REIT, REF_u.TO,
  21. CapitaLand Commercial Trust, CACT.SI,
  22. CapitaRetail China Trust, CRCT.SI,
  23. CBL & Associates Properties, Inc., CBL,
  24. Centuria Metropolitan REIT, CMA.AX
  25. Centuria Metropolitan REIT, CMA.AX,
  26. Choice Properties Real Est Invstmnt Trst, CHP_u.TO,
  27. Cofinimmo NV/SA, COFB.BR,
  28. Columbia Property Trust Inc, CXP,
  29. Cousins Properties Inc, CUZ,
  30. Custodian REIT PLC, CREI.L,
  31. Daiwa House REIT Investment Corporation, 3263.T,
  32. Derwent London Plc, DLN.L,
  33. Digital Realty Trust, Inc., DLR,
  34. Douglas Emmett, Inc., DEI,
  35. Dream Global REIT, DRG_u.TO,
  36. DuPont Fabros Technology, Inc., DFT,
  37. Easterly Government Properties Inc, DEA,
  38. Empire State Realty Trust Inc, ESRT.K,
  39. EPR Properties, EPR,
  40. Equinix Inc, EQIX.O,
  41. Equity One, Inc., EQY,
  42. European Real Estate Investment Trst Ltd, ERET_p.L,
  43. F&C UK Real Estate Investments Ltd, FCRE.L,
  44. Fair Value REIT-AG, FVIG.DE,
  45. Federal Realty Investment Trust, FRT,
  46. First Potomac Realty Trust, FPO,
  47. Fonciere Atland SA, FATL.PA
  48. Fonciere Atland SA, FATL.PA,
  49. Fonciere des Regions SA, FDR.PA,
  50. Frasers Commercial Trust, FRCR.SI,
  51. Frontier Real Estate Investment Corp., 8964.T,
  52. Fukuoka REIT Corp., 8968.T,
  53. Gladstone Commercial Corporation, GOOD.O,
  54. Global Net Lease Inc, GNL,
  55. Government Properties Income Trust, GOV,
  56. Government Properties Income Trust, GOV.O,
  57. Great Portland Estates PLC, GPOR.L,
  58. Growthpoint Properties Australia Ltd, GOZ.AX,
  59. H&R Real Estate Investment Trust, HR_u.TO,
  60. Hammerson plc, HMSO.L,
  61. HANKYU REIT, INC., 8977.T,
  62. Hannon Armstrong Sustnbl Infrstr Cap Inc, HASI.K,
  63. Hispania Activos Inmobiliarios SOCIMI SA, HIS.MC,
  64. Hulic Reit Inc, 3295.T,
  65. Ichigo Office Reit Investment Corp, 8975.T,
  66. Industria REIT, IDR.AX,
  67. Intervest Offices & Warehouses NV, PRIF.BR,
  68. Intu Properties PLC, INTUP.L,
  69. Iron Mountain Inc, IRM,
  70. Japan Prime Realty Investment Corp., 8955.T,
  71. Japan Retail Fund Investment Corporation, 8953.T,
  72. Japan Senior Living Investment Corp, 3460.T,
  73. Kenedix Retail REIT Corp, 3453.T,
  74. Keppel REIT, KASA.SI,
  75. Kilroy Realty Corp, KRC,
  76. Klepierre SA, LOIM.PA,
  77. Land Securities Group plc, LAND.L,
  78. Leasinvest Real Estate SCA, LNRE.BR,
  79. Lexington Realty Trust, LXP,
  80. Liberty Property Trust, LPT,
  81. Londonmetric Property PLC, LMPL.L,
  82. Manulife US Real Estate Investment Trust, MANU.SI
  83. Manulife US Real Estate Investment Trust, MANU.SI,
  84. Mapletree Industrial Trust, MAPI.SI,
  85. Mapletree Logistics Trust, MAPL.SI,
  86. McKay Securities plc, MCKS.L,
  87. Melcor Real Estate Investment Trust, MR_u.TO,
  88. Mercialys SA, MERY.PA,
  89. Merlin Properties SOCIMI SA, MRL.MC,
  90. Monmouth R.E. Inv. Corp., MNR,
  91. New York REIT Inc, NYRT.K,
  92. Newriver Reit PLC, NRRT.L,
  93. Nippon Healthcare Investment Corp, 3308.T,
  94. Nippon Reit Investment Corp, 3296.T
  95. Nippon Reit Investment Corp, 3296.T,
  96. Nomura Real Estate Master Fund Inc, 3462.T,
  97. Northstar Realty Finance Corp, NRF,
  98. NSI NV, NSTEc.AS,
  99. One Liberty Properties, Inc., OLP,
  100. One REIT Inc, 3290.T,
  101. ORIX JREIT Inc., 8954.T,
  102. Partners Real Estate Investment Trust, PAR_u.TO,
  103. Picton Property Income Ltd, PCTN.L,
  104. Pillarstone Capital REIT, PRLE.PK,
  105. Plymouth Industrial Reit Inc, PLYM.K,
  106. Power REIT, PW,
  107. Prosperity Real Estate Investment Trust, 0808.HK,
  108. PS Business Parks Inc, PSB,
  109. Qrf Comm VA, QRF.BR,
  110. RAIT Financial Trust, RAS,
  111. Real Estate Capital Prtnrs USA Prprty Tr, RCU.AX,
  112. Realty Income Corp, O,
  113. Redefine International PLC, RDI.L,
  114. Regional REIT Ltd, RGLR.L,
  115. Resource Capital Corp., RSO,
  116. Schroder Real Estate Investment Trst Ltd, SREI.L,
  117. SEGRO plc, SGRO.L,
  118. Sekisui House Reit Inc, 3309.T,
  119. Select Income REIT, SIR,
  120. Select Income REIT, SIR.O,
  121. Seritage Growth Properties, SRG,
  122. Shaftesbury plc, SHB.L,
  123. Soc Centrale Bois Scieries Manche SA, CBSM.PA,
  124. Societe Fonciere Lyonnaise SA, FLYP.PA,
  125. Soilbuild Business Space REIT, SBSR.SI,
  126. Spirit Realty Capital Inc, SRC,
  127. Standard Life Inv Prop Inc Trust Ltd, SLI.L,
  128. Starhill Global Real Estate Invmt Trust, STHL.SI,
  129. Store Capital Corp, STOR.K,
  130. Suntec Real Estate Investment Trust, SUNT.SI,
  131. The Link Real Estate Investment Trust, 0823.HK,
  132. TOKYU REIT, Inc., 8957.T,
  133. Trajano Iberia Socimi SA, YTRA.MC,
  134. TurnKey Capital Inc, TKCI.PK
  135. TurnKey Capital Inc, TKCI.PK,
  136. UK Commercial Property Trust Limited, UKCM.L,
  138. Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc, UBA,
  139. Vastned Retail Belgium NV, VASTB.BR,
  140. Vereit Inc, VER,
  141. Viva Industrial Trust, VIVA.SI,
  142. Vornado Realty Trust, VNO,
  143. Washington Real Estate Investment Trust, WRE,
  144. Whitestone REIT, WSR,
  145. Winthrop Realty Trust, FUR,
  146. Workspace Group plc, WKP.L,
  147. WP Carey Inc, WPC,
  148. Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust, 0405.HK,

Diversified REITs

  1. Abacus Property Group, ABP.AX,
  2. ANF Immobilier SA, ACNF.PA,
  3. Arbor Realty Trust Inc, ABR,
  4. Astro Japan Property Group, AJA.AX,
  5. Charter Hall Group, CHC.AX,
  6. CIM Commercial Trust Corp, CMCT.O,
  7. Eildon Capital Ltd, EDC.AX,
  8. Entrecampos Cuatro Socimi SA, YENT.MC
  9. First Real Estate Investment Trust of NJ, FREVS.PK,
  10. Gecina SA, GFCP.PA,
  11. GPT Group, GPT.AX,
  12. Icade SA, ICAD.PA,
  13. Ichigo Hotel REIT Investment Corp, 3463.T,
  14. Immobiliere Dassault SA, FINA.PA,
  15. Investors Real Estate Trust, IRET.K,
  16. Invincible Investment Corporation, 8963.T,
  17. istar Inc, STAR.K,
  18. Lasalle Logiport Reit, 3466.T,
  19. Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust, MAPE.SI,
  20. Mirvac Group, MGR.AX,
  21. MORI TRUST Sogo Reit, Inc., 8961.T,
  22. Paris Reality Fund SA, PARF.PA,
  23. Premier Investment Corporation, 8956.T,
  24. Senior Housing Properties Trust, SNH,
  25. Senior Housing Properties Trust, SNH.O,
  26. Tosei Reit Investment Corp, 3451.T,
  27. ZAIS Financial Corp, ZFC,

Healthcare REITs

  1. Assura PLC, AGRP.L,
  2. Care Capital Properties Inc, CCP,
  3. Caretrust REIT Inc, CTRE.O,
  4. Community Healthcare Trust Inc, CHCT.K,
  5. First Real Estate Investment Trust, FRET.SI,
  6. Generation Healthcare REIT, GHC.AX,
  7. Global Medical REIT Inc, GMRE.K,
  8. HCP, Inc., HCP,
  9. Healthcare & Medical Investment Corp, 3455.T,
  10. Healthcare Realty Trust Inc, HR,
  11. Healthcare Trust Of America Inc, HTA,
  12. LTC Properties Inc, LTC,
  13. Medical Properties Trust, Inc., MPW,
  14. National Health Investors Inc, NHI,
  15. Omega Healthcare Investors Inc, OHI,
  16. Parkway Life REIT, PWLR.SI,
  17. Physicians Realty Trust, DOC,
  18. Primary Health Properties PLC, PHP.L,
  19. Religare Health Trust, RELI.SI,
  20. RHT Health Trust, RHTH.SI,
  21. Sabra Health Care REIT Inc, SBRA.O,
  22. Target Healthcare REIT Ltd, THRLT.L,
  23. Universal Health Realty Income Trust, UHT,
  24. Ventas, Inc., VTR,
  25. Welltower Inc, HCN,

Hospitality REITs

  1. American Hotel Income Properties REIT LP, HOT_u.TO,
  2. Apple Hospitality REIT Inc, APLE.K,
  3. Ascendas Hospitality Trust, ASHP.SI,
  4. Ashford Hospitality Prime Inc, AHP,
  5. Ashford Hospitality Trust, Inc., AHT,
  6. CDL Hospitality Trusts, CDLT.SI,
  7. Chatham Lodging Trust, CLDT.K,
  8. Chesapeake Lodging Trust, CHSP.K,
  9. Condor Hospitality Trust Inc, CDOR.K,
  10. Condor Hospitality Trust Inc, CDOR.O,
  11. DiamondRock Hospitality Company, DRH,
  12. Empiric Student Property PLC, ESP.L,
  13. Far East Hospitality Trust, FAEH.SI,
  14. FelCor Lodging Trust Incorporated, FCH,
  15. Frasers Hospitality Trust, FRHO.SI,
  16. Gaming and Leisure Properties Inc, GLPI.O,
  17. Hersha Hospitality Trust, HT,
  18. HMG/Courtland Properties, HMG,
  19. Hoshino Resort REIT Toshi Hojin, 3287.T,
  20. Hospitality Properties Trust, HPT,
  21. Hospitality Properties Trust, HPT.O,
  22. Host Hotels and Resorts Inc, HST,
  23. Hotel Property Investments Ltd, HPI.AX,
  24. InnSuites Hospitality Trust, IHT,
  25. Japan Hotel REIT Investment Corp, 8985.T,
  26. Lakeview Hotel Investment Corp, LHR.V,
  27. Langham Hospitality Investments Ltd, 1270.HK,
  28. LaSalle Hotel Properties, LHO,
  29. New Century Real Estate Investment Trust, 1275.HK,
  30. OUE Hospitality Trust, OUER.SI,
  31. Pebblebrook Hotel Trust, PEB,
  32. Regal Real Estate Investment Trust, 1881.HK,
  33. RLJ Lodging Trust, RLJ,
  34. Ryman Hospitality Properties Inc, RHP,
  35. Sotherly Hotels Inc, SOHO.O,
  36. Summit Hotel Properties Inc, INN,
  37. Sunstone Hotel Investors Inc, SHO,
  38. Xenia Hotels & Resorts Inc, XHR,

Industrial REITs

  1. 360 Capital Industrial Fund, TIX.AX,
  2. AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT, AART.SI,
  3. Asia Pacific Data Centre Group, AJD.AX,
  4. Cache Logistics Trust, CALT.SI,
  5. Cambridge Industrial Trust, CMIT.SI,
  6. Centuria Industrial Reit, CIP.AX,
  7. DCT Industrial Trust Inc, DCT,
  8. Dream Industrial Real Estate Invest Trst, DIR_u.TO,
  9. Duke Realty Corp, DRE,
  10. Eastgroup Properties Inc, EGP,
  12. First Industrial Realty Trust, Inc., FR,
  13. GLP J-Reit, 3281.T,
  14. Goodman Group, GMG.AX
  15. Goodman Group, GMG.AX,
  16. Gramercy Property Trust, GPT,
  17. Granite Real Estate Investment Trust, GRP_u,
  18. Hansteen Holdings plc, HSTN.L,
  19. Industrial & Infras. Fund Inv. Corp., 3249.T,
  20. Japan Logistics Fund Inc., 8967.T,
  21. Nippon Prologis REIT Inc, 3283.T,
  22. Prologis Inc, PLD,
  23. Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust, AAR_u.TO,
  24. Rexford Industrial Realty Inc, REXR.K,
  25. Stag Industrial Inc, STAG.K,
  26. Summit Industrial Income REIT, SMU_u.TO,
  27. Terreno Realty Corporation, TRNO.K,
  28. Warehouses de Pauw Comm VA, WDPP.BR,

Islamic REITs

  1. Sabana Shariah Compliant REIT, SABA.SI,

Mortgage REITs

  1. AG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc, MITT.K,
  2. AGNC Investment Corp, AGNC.O,
  3. Annaly Capital Management, Inc., NLY,
  4. Apollo Commercial Real Est. Finance Inc, ARI,
  5. Apollo Residential Mortgage Inc, AMTG.K,
  6. Ares Commercial Real Estate Corp, ACRE.K,
  7. Blackstone Mortgage Trust Inc, BXMT.K,
  8. Capstead Mortgage Corporation, CMO,
  9. Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment Corp, CHMI.K,
  10. Chimera Investment Corporation, CIM,
  11. CYS Investments Inc, CYS,
  12. Dynex Capital Inc, DX,
  13. Ellington Residential Mortgage REIT, EARN.K,
  14. Five Oaks Investment Corp, OAKS.K,
  15. Great Ajax Corp, AJX,
  16. Hatteras Financial Corp., HTS,
  17. Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc, IVR,
  18. Ladder Capital Corp, LADR.K,
  19. Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc., LOAN.O,
  20. MFA Financial, Inc., MFA,
  21. MTGE Investment Corp, MTGE.O,
  22. New Residential Investment Corp, NRZ,
  23. New York Mortgage Trust Inc, NYMT.O,
  24. Newcastle Investment Corp., NCT,
  25. Orchid Island Capital Inc, ORC,
  26. Owens Realty Mortgage Inc, ORM,
  27. PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust, PMT,
  28. Redwood Trust, Inc., RWT,
  29. Starwood Property Trust, Inc., STWD.K,
  30. Vestin Realty Mortgage I Inc., VRTA.PK,
  31. Vestin Realty Mortgage II, Inc., VRTB.O,
  32. Vestin Realty Mortgage II, Inc., VRTB.PK,
  33. Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corp, WMC,

Office REITs

  1. Acanthe Developpement SE, CFMP.PA,
  2. Allied Properties Real Estate Investment, AP_u.TO,
  3. alstria office REIT-AG, AOXG.DE,
  4. Asian Growth Properties Ltd, AGP.L,
  5. Beni Stabili SpA Societa di Inv Immo Quo, BNSI.MI,
  6. Boston Properties, Inc., BXP,
  7. Brandywine Realty Trust, BDN,
  9. Champion Real Estate Investment Trust, 2778.HK,
  10. City Office REIT Inc, CIO,
  11. Corporate Office Properties Trust, OFC,
  12. Cromwell Group, CMW.AX,
  13. Daiwa Office Investment Corp, 8976.T,
  14. DEXUS Property Group, DXS.AX,
  15. Dream Office Real Estate Investment Trst, D_u.TO,
  16. Equity Commonwealth, EQC,
  17. Franklin Street Properties Corp., FSP,
  18. GDI Property Group Ltd, GDI.AX,
  19. Global One Real Estate Investment Corp., 8958.T,
  20. GPT Metro Office Fund, GMF.AX,
  21. Highwoods Properties Inc, HIW,
  22. Hudson Pacific Properties Inc, HPP,
  23. Inmobiliaria Colonial SOCIMI SA, COL.MC,
  24. Inovalis Real Estate Investment Trust, INO_u.TO,
  25. Invesco Office J-Reit Inc, 3298.T,
  26. Investa Office Fund, IOF.AX,
  27. Ireit Global, IREI.SI,
  28. Japan Excellent, Inc., 8987.T,
  29. Japan Real Estate Investment Corporation, 8952.T,
  30. Kenedix Office Investment Corp, 8972.T,
  32. Mack Cali Realty Corp, CLI,
  33. MCUBS MidCity Investment Corp, 3227.T,
  34. Mori Hills REIT Investment Corporation, 3234.T,
  35. Nippon Building Fund Inc., 8951.T,
  36. Northstar Realty Europe Corp, NRE,
  37. OUE Commercial Reit, OUEC.SI,
  38. Paramount Group Inc, PGRE.K,
  39. Parkway Inc, PKY
  40. Parkway Inc, PKY,
  41. Piedmont Office Realty Trust, Inc., PDM,
  42. SL Green Realty Corp, SLG,
  43. Spring Real Estate Investment Trust, 1426.HK,
  44. TIER REIT Inc, TIER.K,
  45. TOP REIT, INC., 8982.T,
  46. Uro Property Holdings SOCIMI SA, YURO.MC,

Residential REITs

  1. ACRE Realty Investors Inc, AIII.K,
  2. Advance Residence Investment Corp, 3269.T,
  3. Aedifica SA, AOO.BR,
  4. Alliance Developpement Capital SIIC SE, ALDV.PA,
  5. Altisource Residential Corp, RESI.K,
  6. American Campus Communities, Inc., ACC,
  7. American Homes 4 Rent, AMH,
  8. American Housing Income Trust Inc, AHIT.OB
  9. American Housing Income Trust Inc, AHIT.PK,
  10. Apartment Investment and Management Co, AIV,
  11. ARMOUR Residential REIT, Inc., ARR,
  12. Ascott Residence Trust, ASRT.SI,
  13. AvalonBay Communities Inc, AVB,
  14. Bluerock Residential Growth REIT Inc, BRG,
  15. Boardwalk REIT (USA), BOWFF.PK,
  16. BRT Apartments Corp, BRT
  17. BRT Apartments Corp, BRT,
  18. Camden Property Trust, CPT,
  19. Canadian Apartment Properties REIT, CAR_u.TO,
  20. Colony Capital Inc, CLNY.K,
  21. Colony Starwood Homes, SFR,
  22. Comforia Residential Investment Corp, 3282.T,
  23. Daiwa House Reit Investment Corp, 8984.T,
  24. Education Realty Trust, Inc., EDR,
  25. Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc., ELS,
  26. Equity Residential, EQR,
  27. Essex Property Trust Inc, ESS,
  28. Heiwa Real Estate Reit Inc, 8966.T,
  29. Independence Realty Trust Inc, IRT,
  30. Ingenia Communities Group, INA.AX,
  31. Interrent Real Estate Investment Trust, IIP_u.TO,
  32. Japan Rental Housing Investments Inc, 8986.T,
  33. KCR Residential Reit PLC, KCR.L,
  34. Kenedix Residential Investment Corp, 3278.T,
  35. Killam Apartment REIT, KMP_u.TO,
  36. Lanesborough REIT, LRT_u.TO,
  37. Maxus Realty Trust, Inc., MRTI.PK,
  38. Mid-America Apartment Communities Inc, MAA,
  39. Milestone Apartments Real Estate Invt Tr, MST_u.TO,
  40. Monogram Residential Trust Inc, MORE.K,
  41. Morguard North American Residential REIT, MRG_u.TO,
  42. New Senior Investment Group Inc, SNR,
  43. NexPoint Residential Trust Inc, NXRT.K,
  44. Nippon Accommodations Fund Inc., 3226.T,
  45. Northview Apartment REIT, NVU_u.TO,
  46. Phoenix Spree Deutschland Ltd, PSDL.L,
  47. Post Properties Inc, PPS,
  48. Preferred Apartment Communities Inc., APTS.K,
  49. Saizen Real Estate Investment Trust, SZNR.SI,
  50. Samty Residential Investment Corp, 3459.T,
  51. Sekisui House Residential Investmnt Corp, 8973.T,
  52. Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp, SBY,
  53. Starts Proceed Investment Corporation, 8979.T,
  54. Stockland Corporation Ltd, SGP.AX,
  55. Sun Communities Inc, SUI,
  56. Two Harbors Investment Corp, TWO,
  57. UDR, Inc., UDR,
  58. UMH Properties, Inc, UMH,
  59. UNITE Group plc, UTG.L,
  60. United Development Funding IV, UDF.O,
  61. US Masters Residential Property Fund, URF.AX,
  62. US Residential Fund, USR.AX
  63. US Residential Fund, USR.AX,

Retail REITs

  1. Acadia Realty Trust, AKR,
  2. Aeon Reit Investment Corp, 3292.T,
  3. Agree Realty Corporation, ADC,
  4. Alexander’s, Inc., ALX,
  5. Brixmor Property Group Inc, BRX,
  6. Capital & Regional plc, CAL.L,
  7. Capitaland Mall Trust, CMLT.SI,
  8. Carindale Property Trust, CDP.AX,
  9. Cedar Realty Trust Inc, CDR,
  10. Charter Hall Retail REIT, CQR.AX,
  11. CoreSite Realty Corp, COR,
  12. Corpfin Capital Prime Retail II Scmi SA, YPR2.MC
  13. Croesus Retail Trust, CROE.SI,
  14. Crombie Real Estate Investment Trust, CRR_u.TO,
  15. DDR Corp, DDR,
  16. Deutsche Konsum REIT AG, DKG.DE,
  17. Elanor Retail Property Fund, ERF.AX,
  18. Eurocommercial Properties NV, SIPFc.AS,
  19. Fortune Real Estate Investment Trust, FORT.SI,
  20. Four Corners Property Trust Inc, FCPT.K,
  21. Frasers Centrepoint Trust, FCRT.SI,
  22. Getty Realty Corp., GTY,
  23. GGP Inc, GGP,
  24. Hamborner Reit AG, HABG.DE,
  25. Immobiliare Grande Distribuzion SIIQ SpA, IGD.MI,
  26. Kimco Realty Corp, KIM,
  27. Kite Realty Group Trust, KRG,
  28. Lar Espana Real Estate SA, LRES.MC,
  29. Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust, LMRT.SI,
  30. Macerich Co, MAC,
  31. Mapletree Commercial Trust, MACT.SI,
  32. Morguard Real Estate Inv., MRT_u.TO,
  33. National Retail Properties, Inc., NNN,
  34. OneREIT, ONR_u.TO,
  35. Pennsylvania R.E.I.T., PEI,
  36. Plaza Retail REIT, PLZ_u.TO,
  37. Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust, RPT,
  38. Regency Centers Corp, REG,
  39. Retail Opportunity Investments Corp, ROIC.O,
  40. Retail Properties of America Inc, RPAI.K,
  41. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust, REI_u.TO,
  42. Rouse Properties Inc, RSE,
  43. Saul Centers Inc, BFS,
  44. Scentre Group, SCG.AX,
  45. Shopping Cntrs Austrls Prprty Gp Re Ltd, SCP.AX,
  46. Simon Property Group Inc, SPG,
  47. SmartCentres Real Estate Investment Trst, SRU_u.TO,
  49. Sunlight Real Estate Investment Trust, 0435.HK,
  50. Tanger Factory Outlet Centers Inc., SKT,
  51. Taubman Centers, Inc., TCO,
  52. The Local Shopping REIT plc, LSR.L,
  53. Urban Edge Properties, UE,
  54. VastNed Retail NV, VASN.AS,
  55. Vicinity Centres Re Ltd, VCX.AX
  56. Vicinity Centres Re Ltd, VCX.AX,
  57. Washington Prime Group Inc, WPG,
  58. Weingarten Realty Investors, WRI,
  59. Wereldhave Belgium Comm VA, WEHB.BR,
  60. Wereldhave NV, WEHA.AS,
  61. Westfield Corp Ltd, WFD.AX,
  62. Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust Inc, WHLR.O,
  63. Zaragoza Properties SOCIMI SA, YZPS.MC,

Self-Storage REITs

  1. Big Yellow Group plc, BYG.L,
  2. CubeSmart, CUBE.K,
  3. Extra Space Storage, Inc., EXR,
  4. Global Self Storage Inc, SELF.O,
  5. Life Storage Inc, LSI,
  6. National Storage Affiliates Trust, NSA,
  7. National Storage REIT, NSR.AX
  8. National Storage REIT, NSR.AX,
  9. Public Storage, PSA,
  10. Safestore Holdings Plc, SAFE.L,
  11. Sovran Self Storage Inc, SSS,
  12. Tritax Big Box REIT PLC, BBOXT.L,

Specialized REITs

  1. American Tower Corp, AMT,
  2. Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation, ANH,
  3. Arena REIT No 1, ARF.AX,
  4. Communications Sales & Leasing Inc, CSAL.O,
  5. Corecivic Inc, CXW,
  6. Corenergy Infrastructure Trust Inc, CORR.K,
  7. Crown Castle International Corp, CCI,
  8. CyrusOne Inc, CONE.O,
  9. Farmland Partners Inc, FPI,
  10. Folkestone Education Trust, FET.AX,
  11. Gladstone Land Corp, LAND.O,
  12. InfraREIT Inc, HIFR.K,
  13. Jernigan Capital Inc, JCAP.K,
  14. Lamar Advertising Co, LAMR.O,
  15. Outfront Media Inc, OUT,
  16. QTS Realty Trust Inc, QTS,
  17. Rural Funds Group, RFF.AX,
  18. SBA Communications Corporation, SBAC.O
  19. SBA Communications Corporation, SBAC.O,
  20. Secure Income REIT PLC, SIRE.L,
  21. Societe de Tayninh SA, TYNN.PA,
  22. The GEO Group Inc, GEO,

Timber REITs

  1. Catchmark Timber Trust Inc, CTT,
  2. Potlatch Corporation, PCH.O,
  3. Rayonier Inc., RYN,
  4. Weyerhaeuser Co, WY,

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