Financial planning goal: To not need insurance

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One of the more thought-provoking tweets I saw today is by India-based financial planner @dmuthuk, who tweeted that he no longer needed life or health insurance. This may sound like an unusual goal for a non financial planner, but one of the more objective ways of measuring whether or not you have reached your financial […]

Insurance Checklist: The 5 Most Important Insurance Policies I'm Renewing

Insurance Checklist: 5 Policies I Continue To Renew

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As a financial planner, I am very often asked about insurance, even though my own specialty is in investments and retirement planning. That said, insurance provides important protection against risks that may be hazardous to your wealth, and years of work building a substantial investment portfolio can be quickly lost in the event of an […]

Hong Kong vs Singapore

Photo: DBS star ferry ad in Hong Kong captures UBS, AXA, and Pru in one shot

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When taking this quick snapshot of Singapore’s DBS bank’s “full boat” on Hong Kong’s star ferry this weekend, I noticed that by chance, the background also happened to include competitors ranging from Swiss bank UBS to French and British insurers AXA and Prudential, respectively. I wouldn’t say this photo alone is a sign that Hong […]

When comparing travel insurance in Hong Kong, especially HSBC vs Aimviva, I have found Aimviva to be a better deal

Comparing Travel Insurance: HSBC vs Aimviva Travel Club

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Those who know me know I enjoy shopping for insurance far more than most people, so it should be no surprise I have often spent some time comparing travel insurance options before each of my many trips over the past several years.ย  Over the years, I have bought travel insurance from American Express, HSBC, Manulife, […]

Whole life vs term life insurance: the "Buy Term Invest the Difference" calculation

Whole life vs term life insurance: the “Buy Term Invest the Difference” calculation

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Deciding between whole life vs term life insurance should rationally be driven by the numbers, especially the “buy term invest the difference” calculation below to illustrate the difference between the two types of life insurance.ย  As much as insurance companies advertise a warm image of caring families, and while a good life insurance agent naturally […]

How my life insurance should cost for a healthy male by decade

How much life insurance do I need, and how much should that life insurance cost?

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How much life insurance you need largely depends on who depends on how much of your future income, while the cost of life insurance depends more on your age and health.ย  Fortunately, life insurance tends to be the cheapest for younger employees and entrepreneurs who have most of their potential earnings ahead of them.ย  This […]

Hong Kong International investment advisor

World’s Largest Insurance Companies – Top 146 Listed Insurers by Assets

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Here is list of the world’s largest insurance companies by assets as of 2017 is based on data from public filings on the major stock exchanges we currently have access to. Earlier posts listed 35 large life and health insurers by market cap, and explained how a large percentage of Asian insurers’ assets and profits […]

A Critical Look at Critical Illness Insurance: Is It Worth It?

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Most critical illness insurance policies (also known as “dread disease insurance”) I’ve seen before have looked like a pretty bad deal when I add them up and compare them with alternatives.ย  These are a few things I often find unattractive about them: They are often sold, not bought or sought. They are often sold on […]

How GFM makes investing simple

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What is the big difference between investing with GFM vs investing with any of the other financial advisors and brokers in the large financial services industry? ย This was the question I aimed to answer in a single picture. In short, I aim to make investing as direct and simple as possible. ย In the below picture, […]

Your Financial Life in Hong Kong, Part 5: Insurance

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This is part 5 in my 8-part guide to your financial life in Hong Kong. It is mostly intended for foreigners living in or moving to Hong Kong looking to better understand “the system” and better manage their money both in and outside of Hong Kong.ย  Let me know if you have any questions. Hong […]