What 150 Years Of Market Crashes Teaches Long-term Investors

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One of the most frequently asked questions I have heard mostly over the past month is “how long will markets take to recover”? The short and honest answer is of course “nobody knows”, and a recovery in stock prices is not the same (or as important as) sustained growth in underlying cash flows, so work […]

Echoes From Peter Lynch’s 2002 Interview with Louis Rukeyser

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Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street Week was one of my favorite “reflective” shows on understanding stocks and stock markets. This is one recorded interview I found well worth re-watching, and share here without further comment. For anyone who wondered how Peter Lynch’s call of stocks outperforming 4.7% bonds over the following 10 years, here is a […]

Comparing Market Crashes

Comparing Market Crashes: 2020 vs 1929, 1987, 2000 and 2008

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The older I get, the more value I find in seeing every day events from a very long term historical perspective. Especially when it comes to comparing market crashes, the rapid declines in stock prices in March 2020 were not quite “unprecedented”, and of course stockholders’ eventual outcomes depend on how well economies and corporate […]

Stock Markets by Country 1899 vs 2019

119 Years of Investment Returns, According to Credit Suisse

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This morning’s ferry read is the Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook 2019, for which I have to thank this excellent Twitter thread by Cambria’s Meb Faber for pointing out. Two of the charts I found worth a screenshot and share here show shares of global stock markets have changed since 1900 by country (header […]

When New York Real Estate Lost 50%

When New York Real Estate Lost 50%

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In recent memory, the global financial crisis of 2008-2009 is what most of us might think of as the last time when real estate investors lost significant amounts of money. Other than extreme cases like those, we often think of investing in physical property as being “safe as houses”. Today’s suggested reading is this UC […]

How different investments have performed during recessions

How different investments have performed during recessions

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While I am often asked “is now a good time to invest?” in both booming and declining economic times, I have recently been asked more and more about whether the economy is due for its first global recession since 2008-2009, and how to invest in preparation for the next recession.Β  I recently wrote a short […]

Oldest Mutual Funds

List of Oldest Mutual Funds

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The mutual fund as we know it today is almost 100 years old, and following important steps in 1934 and 1940 and then in 1974, mutual funds can be thanked for helping a large percentage of average working individuals save trillions of dollars for retirement in ways pre 20th century history might not have imagined. […]

Long term stock returns vs bond returns by country

13 Thought-provoking charts from “Stocks for the Long Run”

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I recently re-read the 5th edition of Jeremy Siegel‘s classic book Stocks for the Long Run, and thought it would be worth snapping the following 13 thought-provoking charts for reference.Β  Of course, this is just my summary, and I expect to continue having to refer back to the book for more re-reads. Chart 1: US […]

When Foreign Government Bonds (Sovereign) also give “buy low, sell high” opportunities

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One of my favorite books is Ben Graham’s “The Intelligent Investor”. This page from the fourth revised edition (1973) gives a short but fascinating history of some amazing price swings in the not-too-obscure category of foreign government bonds, interesting in part because the government issuers aren’t around in the same form any more (Cuba had […]

Book Event "The Singapore Blue Chips" in Hong Kong on Wednesday, August 2nd 2017

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My friend and colleague Umesh Desai, author of “The Singapore Blue Chips: The Rewards & Risks of Investing in Singapore’s Largest Corporations” will be presenting his book in Central, Hong Kong next Wednesday on August 2nd, 2017 at 4:30pm. Β I have written a brief book review earlier describing it as an easy, modular read on […]