Top 35 Singapore Real Estate Investment Trusts (S-REITs) as of 2017Q3

Continuing the series of lists of real estate investment trusts, here are the 35 largest Singapore S-REITs by Market cap as of August 2017 with links to data on

WSJ Name Sector Market Cap
SG/XSES/A17U Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust Industrial/Office $7,840,000,000
SG/XSES/C38U CapitaLand Mall Trust Retail $7,200,000,000
SG/XSES/C61U CapitaLand Commercial Trust Industrial/Office $5,360,000,000
SG/XSES/T82U Suntec Real Estate Investment Trust Diversified $5,080,000,000
SG/XSES/N2IU Mapletree Commercial Trust Retail $4,630,000,128
SG/XSES/K71U Keppel REIT Industrial/Office $3,870,000,128
SG/XSES/ME8U Mapletree Industrial Trust Industrial/Office $3,390,000,128
SG/XSES/RW0U Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust Diversified $3,100,000,000
SG/XSES/M44U Mapletree Logistics Trust Industrial/Office $3,030,000,128
SG/XSES/A68U Ascott Residence Trust Residential $2,600,000,000
SG/XSES/SK6U SPH REIT Retail $2,529,999,872
SG/XSES/J69U Frasers Centrepoint Trust Retail $1,960,000,000
SG/XSES/J85 CDL Hospitality Trusts Hotel/Lodging $1,920,000,000
SG/XSES/P40U Starhill Global REIT Retail $1,710,000,000
SG/XSES/C2PU Parkway Life Real Estate Investment Trust Healthcare $1,610,000,000
SG/XSES/AJBU Keppel DC REIT Industrial/Office $1,470,000,000
SG/XSES/AU8U CapitaLand Retail China Trust Retail $1,460,000,000
SG/XSES/SK7 OUE Hospitality Trust Hotel/Lodging $1,360,000,000
SG/XSES/ACV Frasers Hospitality Trust Hotel/Lodging $1,350,000,000
SG/XSES/D5IU Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust Retail $1,310,000,000
SG/XSES/Q5T Far East Hospitality Trust Hotel/Lodging $1,220,000,000
SG/XSES/ND8U Frasers Commercial Trust Industrial/Office $1,150,000,000
SG/XSES/TS0U OUE Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust Diversified $1,120,000,000
SG/XSES/CY6U Ascendas India Trust Industrial/Office $1,080,000,000
SG/XSES/AW9U First Real Estate Investment Trust Specialty $1,040,000,000
SG/XSES/O5RU AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT Industrial/Office $942,019,968
SG/XSES/Q1P Ascendas Hospitality Trust Hotel/Lodging $929,310,016
SG/XSES/S6NU Croesus Retail Trust Retail $919,830,016
SG/XSES/T8B Viva Industrial Trust Industrial/Office $890,080,000
SG/XSES/K2LU Cache Logistics Trust Industrial/Office $847,740,032
SG/XSES/ADQU Accordia Golf Trust Specialty $791,369,984
SG/XSES/J91U ESR-REIT Industrial/Office $763,089,984
SG/XSES/SV3U Soilbuild Business Space REIT Industrial/Office $738,769,984
SG/XSES/M1GU Sabana Shariah Compliant Industrial REIT Industrial/Office $490,880,000
SG/XSES/UD1U IREIT Global Industrial/Office $486,700,000

Photo: Commercial Square (Now Raffle’s Square) circa 1900, Wikipedia

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