Webinars on China Options, European Futures, and US Universities

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My next three scheduled webinars cover a variety of topics on a variety of continents: On April 13th, in collaboration with Interactive Brokers and Singapore Exchange, I’ll be explaining option strategies investors can use to fine-tune risk/reward exposure to Chinese stocks: Register Here On April 15th, in collaboration with Interactive Brokers and Eurex, I’ll be […]

Asian Currency Strategy 2021 Webinar: 16 March 6pm HKT

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My next webinar with Interactive Brokers and Singapore Exchange will be on March 16th, 6pm Hong Kong time, explaining the long-term background and outlook for Asia’s 10 major currencies: Japanese Yen Chinese Yuan Renminbi Indian Rupee Korean Won New Taiwan Dollar Singapore Dollar Thai Baht Malaysian Ringgit Philippine Peso Indonesian Rupiah Register here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/5254730309470490892?source=gfmws

Political risk

US Political Risk For Investors in 2021 And Beyond

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Modelling your future investment returns is most clearly done by writing down a list of scenarios, estimating how much money your investment would make or lose in each scenario, and then assigning probabilities to those scenarios. Like an insurance company writing a policy, or a casino choosing to offer a new game, we make the […]

Calculator: Stock Expected Return Based on ROE and Book Value Growth

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One of the most important assumptions long-term investors in stocks need to make is their expected rate of return, but I have been surprised to see so few expected return calculators freely available on the internet. For “back of the envelope” estimates, below is a very simple calculator based on the three components of expected […]

Webinars Dec 2020: The Future of China and Asia, and VSTOXX

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To finish up this eventful year of 2020, I will be presenting three webinars in each of the first three weeks of December 2020, covering “core” topics of volatility trading, the future of China, and of opportunities across greater Asia. 2 Dec 6pm HKT, VSTOXX 101: Understanding Europe’s VIX – https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/4128539029745491470?source=gfmws 9 Dec 6pm HKT, […]

How the World Has Changed Since 1987

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Today’s chart was a quick visual reminder to me on how the world has changed since 1987 – namely, how it has become significantly more American and significantly less Japanese. The source is a FTSE Russell paper titled “Indexing The World”, which index geeks like me would consider required reading for understanding the difference between […]

Making the most of your 401k plan

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I have had the fortunate opportunity to compare many different pension and retirement savings systems around the world, which just as fortunately is a subject I happen to be extremely interested in, and can confidently say that the US 401(k) plan is one of the best retirement savings and asset protection tools I have seen […]

Over Time, High Dividend Stocks Outperform Low Dividend Stocks

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Investors new to stock analysis might intuitively think that high dividend stocks are “better” than low dividend stocks. After all, if you were to invest $10,000 into a piece of a company, wouldn’t you prefer to own a company where the share of profits paid to you in cash were $400/year rather than $100/year, or […]

Non-US Gold ETFs

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I was recently asked by about gold ETFs, and what I thought about the largest and most liquid ETF, the SPDR Gold Shares, listed in the US under ticker “GLD”, compared with other options for owning gold. This investor was a non-US taxpayer, and so was aware of some of the US estate tax traps […]

Performance of US Profitable Value vs Growth (With Low Profits), 1963-2020

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Not a month has passed in the past three years when I haven’t had at least some conversational debate on the value vs growth styles of investing. I often emphasise the importance of not seeing value as the opposite of growth (it is just as possible to buy growth at a reasonable valuations as it […]