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Preparing for a 2020 recession

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Over the past two weeks, I have been asked no less than 10 times my views on any upcoming recession, and how I would invest in preparation of a 2020 recession. “Recession” often seems like one of those big, scary economic terms I often hear in financial and political media. The header image I chose […]

How Population Pyramids Drive Interest Rates, and How Robot Demographics Might Change That

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On several occasions, I’ve discussed the somewhat intuitive relationship between population pyramids and interest rates / yield curves.  One one end, bottom-heavy, triangular population pyramids would tend to drive higher interest rates, as the abundance of young people pushes overall economic growth and demand for credit, as we have seen in countries like India and […]

College tuition rises now depend more on China than domestic drivers

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For decades, college tuition has risen at a significantly faster pace than the rate of inflation, having roughly tripled in the last 40 years in real terms (that is, even after adjusting for inflation) (Sources: The College Board and NCES).  This post discusses what I believe have been the main drivers of the seemingly rapid rise […]

March 20th Event: Investing in Mexico (and other Emerging Markets) after Trump, over Tequila

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On Monday, March 20th 2017, join us at 6:30pm at Mezcalito Hong Kong for an informal presentation and networking opportunity where we discuss investment outlooks on Mexico and other Emerging markets in the age of Trump and beyond.  Drinks are on a cash bar basis with discounts available to those who RSVP. RSVP on Eventbrite. […]

A 63-year chart of US Interest Rates and the 35-year old bond bull market

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I love long-term charts, and recently started re-reading the 5th edition of Jeremy Siegel’s classic “Stocks for the Long Run“.  Being naturally curious, I also like to keep an eye on how investments in “Bonds for the Long Run”, “Balanced Portfolios for the Long Run” and “Alternative Investments for the Long Run” would do.  Siegel’s […]