Beer consumption slowing down globally, even in China

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One of my favorite charts earlier this week was from this Economist article about declining global beer consumption.  Earlier this year I posted a list of 14 large listed beer brewers, and will be watching some of their sales and profit figures over the coming quarters. Happy Friday! Tariq

A 63-year chart of US Interest Rates and the 35-year old bond bull market

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I love long-term charts, and recently started re-reading the 5th edition of Jeremy Siegel’s classic “Stocks for the Long Run“.  Being naturally curious, I also like to keep an eye on how investments in “Bonds for the Long Run”, “Balanced Portfolios for the Long Run” and “Alternative Investments for the Long Run” would do.  Siegel’s […]

How different were the German Mark, French Franc, and Italian Lire before the Euro?

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Yesterday I posted a 45-year historical chart of 9 currencies where I described the difference between appreciators, depreciators, and long-term range-bound currencies.  I considered the Euro to be in the latter category, but the Euro was made up of currencies like the Deutsche Mark (DEM) which behaved more like appreciators and currencies like the Italian […]

Map of world's largest stock exchanges over US$1 trillion

The world’s largest stock exchanges mapped by VisualCapitalist

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VisualCapitalist published some fascinating maps about the world’s largest stock exchanges, showing the relative size of the major 5 “JUICE” markets (Japan, US, India, China, and Eurozone), and how closely followed they are by the ABCS (Australia, Britain, Canada, and Singapore) and Korea. Here is the full image:  

Size of Stock Market vs Bond Market

Size of Stock Market vs Bond Market

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MarketWatch posted this bar chart showing the relative size of stock market vs bond market assets by category as of 2014.  Roughly, it shows a total pie of about US$300 trillion invested in these “traditional assets” of stocks, bonds and loans, with roughly half in bonds, just under a quarter in stocks, and the rest […]