How to earn more than a STEM education with STEAMS

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STEM education is necessary, but¬†STEM graduates who also understand accounting and sales (which together I sometimes call “STEAMS”) will have a significant advantage in understanding which technologies are worth investing in and how to effectively serve them to the public. ¬†Adding these two business subjects to four “hard science” subjects is similar to how I […]

Latest Hang Seng Index changes make Hong Kong's Benchmark even more Mainland-Oriented vs HSCEI

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Last Friday the South China Morning Post reported that the Hang Seng Index would make at least two replacements on March 6: dropping HK garment trader Li & Fung (0494.HK) and mainland beer maker¬†Tsingdao Brewery (0168.HK) and adding Chinese carmaker Geely Auto (0175.HK) and the Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC = 1658.HK). Li & […]

How a Bitcoin ATM works (video)

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I had the pleasure of stopping by the ANX office yesterday and getting a few minutes to record this short video explaining how a bitcoin ATM works. ¬†In a matter of seconds, the HK$10 bill I insert into the machine is converted into BTC at the price quoted on the screen, and I get a […]

Book Review: How to Own Your Own Private International Bank

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Book reviews are not usually my thing, but I do read a lot and felt it might be worth writing a few quick notes here when I come across one worth talking about. How to Own Your Own Private International Bank by Jerome Schneider was published in 1998, and I first read it along with […]

China GDP may surpass US by 2016, but not even Greece per capita by 2060

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US doomsayers may already be planning some small celebrations around the end of 2016, when the IMF forecasts that China GDP adjusted for purchasing power parity (PPP) will surpass the $20 trillion US GDP. ¬†Rounding out the top 5 economies by that measure would be India, Japan, and Germany, each between 1/4 to 1/3 the […]

Friday Photo: Japanese-Brazilian migration ad poster

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This has been one of my favorite posters, showing in less than 1/10th of a megapixel how Japanese families were encouraged to immigrate to Brazil around 1925 or so. I’ve shown it before, but found it worth re-sharing here. The Brazilian Real was still a popular currency in the Japanese Uridashi (foreign currency bonds publicly […]

Asian rental yield – interest rate spread greatest in Mumbai and Manila

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Just stumbled across this article on MoneyControl by¬†Ashutosh Limaye at Jones Lang LaSalle India comparing rental yields across cities in Asia and Bombay against London, New York and Tokyo. I have been wanting to run a more thorough survey of rental yields across different Asian property markets like cities listed below, but the single-city surveys […]

Asia is less skewed than the west, at least in terms of equity volatility

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Volatility skew is a somewhat technical concept I worked with every day on Wall Street trading desks before 2009, but here I hope to explain the concept as non-technically as possible for a general investor audience, at least those familiar with options and/or statistics. “Volatility skew” for investors generally refers to a measure of the […]

Free Silver: One example of pre-Fed monetary policy

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This is a rare opportunity to point to one of my favorite styles of western cartoons as showing a vital Asian economic statistic. ¬†This might have made a good Friday photo, but I figured the actual subject matter of monetary policy using precious metals or central banks would have been a bit too heavy and […]

London Mayor Boris Johnson visits Hong Kong

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Thanks to Sam for the last minute invitation to join a great group of expats meeting the London Mayor this past Friday as Boris Johnson visits Hong Kong. Followed by Sir Gerald Howarth MP taking time from his vacation to speak with us at lunch on Thursday, Hong Kong continues to feel close cultural and […]