Silk Road Trip 2017 Photo Set 3 of 3: Back in Kashgar to see the Old Town, Sunday Market and Livestock Market

This is the last in the series of posts showing a total of 50 photos from our August 2017 trip to and along the China side of the silk road. Β To go back to part 1 on this series, click here.

After driving back along the 300km Karakorum highway road back from Tashgurkan to Kashgar, we had one and a half days to see Kashgar’s old town, the mini Taj Mahal, and the famous Sunday Market and Livestock Market.

Here are the photos of our last day and a half in Kashgar before returning home to Hong Kong.

Tomb of Abakh Hojam, where 5 generations of the royal family and the “fragrant concubine” are buried. I would describe this as the little Taj Mahal of China.
Xinjiang figs were in season when we went. These were very sweet and juicy, and served on a fig leaf for 10 RMB.
There is probably something similar about many carpet shops from Istanbul to Kashgar, but we chose to focus on Xinjiang carpets, like these Hotan lambs’ wool carpets with the signature pomegranate patterns on them. We ended up getting the cream and light blue colored ones for RMB10,000 (about US$1,500), about 20% below his initial asking price, and were able to pay with a credit card – possibly a sign we still paid too much, but these have so far been very worthwhile additions to our furnishings at home.
An unrenovated corner of the old part of Kashgar old town, where some sheep seem to have moved in.
One of the mosques in Kashgar old town. All the mosques I noticed in Kashgar had a Chinese flag flying over them and a red banner with a slogan like this, which could translate as “Love your place of worship, Love your country”.
One of the oldest madrasas (Islamic schools) in Kashgar old town.
I am usually shy about taking pictures of people, but it was too fascinating not to peak at this family eating at a local restaurant in Kasghar near the mosque.
One of the breakfast salads at Sultan Hotel in Kashgar.
Pilaf is not quite biryani, but is still quite delicious and they make it quite sweet in Kashgar.
One entrance to the Kashgar Sunday Market (which is actually open every day).
One photo of the sheep section of Kashgar’s livestock market, now a bit of a drive outside Kashgar city, but a must-see especially for any meat-eating city-dweller.

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