Top 50 Japanese Real Estate Investment Trusts (J-REITs) as of 2017Q3

Japan remains one of my favorite real estate markets due to its large size, maturity, low growth expectations, and relatively high yields vs. low interest rates.  As an updated reference, here is a list of 50 of the largest Japanese real estate investment trusts (J-REITs) by market cap as of August 2017:

WSJ Name Sector Market Cap
JP/XTKS/8951 Nippon Building Fund Inc. Industrial/Office ¥827,430,010,880
JP/XTKS/8952 Japan Real Estate Investment Corp. Industrial/Office ¥751,539,978,240
JP/XTKS/3462 Nomura Real Estate Master Fund Inc. Industrial/Office ¥638,350,000,128
JP/XTKS/8953 Japan Retail Fund Investment Corp. Retail ¥568,910,020,608
JP/XTKS/8960 United Urban Investment Corp. Diversified ¥486,369,984,512
JP/XTKS/3283 Nippon Prologis REIT Inc. Industrial/Office ¥447,039,995,904
JP/XTKS/8984 Daiwa House REIT Investment Corp. Residential ¥444,470,001,664
JP/XTKS/8954 Orix JREIT Inc. Industrial/Office ¥436,840,005,632
JP/XTKS/3269 Advance Residence Investment Corp. Residential ¥399,599,992,832
JP/XTKS/8955 Japan Prime Realty Investment Corp. Industrial/Office ¥371,970,015,232
JP/XTKS/3281 GLP J-REIT Industrial/Office ¥337,230,004,224
JP/XTKS/8985 Japan Hotel REIT Investment Corp. Hotel/Lodging ¥313,840,009,216
JP/XTKS/3279 Activia Properties Inc. Industrial/Office ¥308,660,011,008
JP/XTKS/8976 Daiwa Office Investment Corp. Industrial/Office ¥271,339,995,136
JP/XTKS/3234 Mori Hills REIT Investment Corp. Industrial/Office ¥240,709,992,448
JP/XTKS/8972 Kenedix Office Investment Corp. Industrial/Office ¥239,290,007,552
JP/XTKS/8961 Mori Trust Sogo REIT Inc. Industrial/Office ¥236,409,995,264
JP/XTKS/8964 Frontier Real Estate Investment Corp. Retail ¥226,670,002,176
JP/XTKS/3226 Nippon Accommodations Fund Inc. Residential ¥213,920,006,144
JP/XTKS/8967 Japan Logistics Fund Inc. Industrial/Office ¥207,059,992,576
JP/XTKS/3292 Aeon REIT Investment Corp. Retail ¥199,739,998,208
JP/XTKS/3249 Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment Corp. Industrial/Office ¥199,379,992,576
JP/XTKS/8963 Invincible Investment Corp. Hotel/Lodging ¥191,689,998,336
JP/XTKS/3295 Hulic REIT Inc. Industrial/Office ¥175,559,999,488
JP/XTKS/8987 Japan Excellent Inc. Industrial/Office ¥162,690,007,040
JP/XTKS/8956 Premier Investment Corp. Industrial/Office ¥143,029,993,472
JP/XTKS/8986 Japan Rental Housing Investments Inc. Residential ¥131,200,000,000
JP/XTKS/8957 Tokyu REIT Inc. Industrial/Office ¥130,409,996,288
JP/XTKS/3282 Comforia Residential REIT Inc. Residential ¥129,369,997,312
JP/XTKS/3309 Sekisui House REIT Inc. Industrial/Office ¥126,160,003,072
JP/XTKS/8973 Sekisui House Residential Investment Corp. Residential ¥124,370,001,920
JP/XTKS/8968 Fukuoka REIT Corp. Retail ¥124,300,001,280
JP/XTKS/3453 Kenedix Retail REIT Corp. Retail ¥118,400,000,000
JP/XTKS/3296 Nippon REIT Investment Corp. Industrial/Office ¥114,349,998,080
JP/XTKS/8975 Ichigo Office REIT Investment Corp. Industrial/Office ¥109,860,003,840
JP/XTKS/3287 Hoshino Resorts REIT Inc. Hotel/Lodging ¥98,079,997,952
JP/XTKS/3227 MCUBS MidCity Investment Corp. Industrial/Office ¥96,999,997,440
JP/XTKS/3278 Kenedix Residential Investment Corp. Residential ¥95,649,996,800
JP/XTKS/8966 Heiwa Real Estate REIT Inc. Residential ¥86,769,999,872
JP/XTKS/8958 Global One Real Estate Investment Corp. Industrial/Office ¥84,069,998,592
JP/XTKS/3298 Invesco Office J-REIT Inc. Industrial/Office ¥83,019,997,184
JP/XTKS/8977 Hankyu REIT Inc. Diversified ¥81,620,000,768
JP/XTKS/3290 One REIT Inc. Industrial/Office ¥40,279,998,464
JP/XTKS/8979 Starts Proceed Investment Corp. Residential ¥38,259,998,720
JP/XTKS/3463 Ichigo Hotel REIT Investment Corp. Hotel/Lodging ¥29,390,000,128
JP/XTKS/3459 Samty Residential Investment Corp. Residential ¥24,419,999,744
JP/XTKS/3455 Healthcare & Medical Investment Corp. Healthcare ¥19,700,000,768
JP/XTKS/3451 Tosei REIT Investment Corp. Industrial/Office ¥19,569,999,872
JP/XTKS/3308 Nippon Healthcare Investment Corp. Healthcare ¥12,389,999,616
JP/XTKS/3460 Japan Senior Living Investment Corp. Healthcare ¥12,300,000,256

Photo: The Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Japan in the 1930s and 1940s, Wikipedia