7 Listed Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Markets Outside the US

My latest article on SeekingAlpha compares the valuation of 8 major listed real estate investment trust (REIT) markets: the US, Japan, Eurozone (mostly France), Hong Kong, Singapore, and the ABC of Australia, Britain, and Canada.  For investors overly concentrated in the property market of any one country or city, I often recommend these REIT portfolios as one of the simplest ways to diversify.


I have posted several lists of the largest REITs in these markets on this blog.

Also, on August 23rd I am also hosting a seminar on some different ways of investing in UK property outside London, which you can register for on Eventbrite.

Real estate is one of the topics I am most frequently asked about, and I look forward to your questions and requests to come give seminars and presentations if you would like to contact me below.

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