200000 Vietnamese dong notes, worth less than US$10 each but more than most free financial advice

Three Ways Free Financial Advice Ends Up Costing More

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Some free advice is worth every penny you pay for it, but free financial advice (like free medical or legal advice) often ends up costing more than most fees. Clearly, I don’t believe all free financial advice is bad, as I often share it myself in at least two ways: A. When the advice is […]

How Much Financial Advisors Charge – Pricing by Account Size and Other Factors

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More than almost anything else, I believe the financial services industry needs greater price literacy and price transparency.  In almost any other business, customers are used to looking at and comparing the prices of the goods they buy from a store or website and the services they buy from a tax preparer or hairdresser, but […]

10 Personal Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor

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Yesterday I posted 10 non-personal questions to ask your financial advisor, which I thought would only be complete with 10 personal questions to compliment them. Other professions may also have stereotypes like the smoking doctor, the bald barber, the lawyer without a will, or the serially monogamous marriage counsellor, but finance professionals probably have the […]

10 Non-Personal Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor

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Even in the many years before I decided to start competing in the space of financial advisors, I noticed a paradox among financial advisors: A. There were both enormous differences between what different people calling themselves “financial advisors” actually do, yet B. Financial advisors have a hard time differentiating themselves from their competition As a […]

Noodles represent long life, but what are your odds of living to age 100?

Mortality Tables By Country – Your Odds of Living to Age 100

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As a financial planner, I was trained to assume a client will live to age 100 in order to be at least 95% confident that the client would not outlive their savings.  By what are your odds of living to age 100?  According to the US Social Security Administration (first link below), a male born […]