Dividend model expected return calculator

Calculator: Pure Dividend Growth Stock Return Model

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One of the most important inputs into retirement calculators is expected rate of return, and I am still surprised to see so few expected return calculators freely available on the internet. As an even simpler version of my earlier calculator, here is an expected return calculator for dividend stocks (or funds) that only requires four […]

Hong Kong listed ETFs

Updated List of HKEX-Listed Stocks With Dividend And Ratio Links

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Some of the most boring, but most useful posts on this website are simple, static lists of stocks with ready-to-click links to more information on them. Today, I wanted to run an updated list of HKEX-listed stocks with links to their dividend histories on AAStocks, and to some fundamental ratios on their Reuters pages. The […]

Dividends vs Buybacks Since 1982

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Although I have long considered myself a fan of “dividend investing”, I am just as aware that not all dividend dollars are equal in quality, and so often look at “dividend alternatives” as part of the “total shareholder yield” picture. “Total Shareholder Yield” often refers to the sum of ways profitable companies can return cash […]

US Dividend Aristocrats, August 2019

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“Dividend Aristocrats” typically refer to stocks that have consistently paid and raised their dividends for many years, often 25 or more. This list of US dividend aristocrats comes straight from the holdings of the ProShares S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Dividend ETF “NOBL“, which also ranked in my earlier list of top S&P 500 ETFs. The […]

75% of S&P 500 Returns Come From Dividends: 1980-2019

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In the short term, stock returns are dominated by the ups and downs of price movements, in the long run, stock returns are dominated by dividends. A common question is “what percentage of stock returns come from dividends over the long run?”, to which I have a simple answer using the past 40 years of […]

US$100 bills - paid by the highest dividend paying stocks

60 Highest Dividend Paying Stocks as of 2017 end

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As a reference, I occasionally like to publish lists like the one below of 60 of the highest dividend paying stocks as of late November 2017.ย  Note that these are ranked by total dollar amount of dividends paid by the companies, not by dividend yield, as the latter would favor many smaller, higher yielding stocks. […]

Dividend Data Websites for 6 Major English-Language Stock Exchanges Around the World

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In addition to market data, financial statements, and fundamental ratios, I find it very valuable to have up-to-date websites and data sources with clean information on a listed company’s dividends, both upcoming and historical. ย Dividend yields on many stock information pages can be unreliable, as it is not always clear when trailing 12 months or […]

Dividend Data for the top 200 Hong Kong Listed Companies (over HK$25bio)

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Although the Hong Kong Exchange has increasingly become dominated by Chinese companies over the past two decades, American software giant Microsoft remains the largest Hong Kong listed company as of mid-2017. For ease of reference, here is a list of links to the dividend data and WSJ financials data of 200+ of the largest Hong […]

Dividend Data for the 50 Components of the Hang Seng Index

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For ease of reference, here are links to the dividend data of the 50 components of the Hang Seng Index, based on their end of June weights in the TraHK Tracker Fund of Hong Kong (2800.HK): Ticker Name Hang Seng Weight 5.HK HSBC Holdings 10.6051 700.HK Tencent Holdings (P Chip) 10.3959 1299.HK AIA Group Ltd. […]

Hong Kong International investment advisor

Dividend Data on 7 Hong Kong Real Estate Investment Trusts (H-REITs)

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For reference only, here are links to dividend data for an updated list of the 8 largest Hong Kong listed real estate investment trusts (REITs): Ticker Name Sector Float % 823.HK Link Real Estate Investment Trust Retail 100.0% 2778.HK Champion Real Estate Investment Trust Industrial/Office 31.0% 778.HK Fortune Real Estate Investment Trust Retail 72.3% 405.HK […]