Are stocks cheap yet?

Are stocks cheap yet?

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Stock markets ended 2018 with what some call a sharp correction, and others call a minor crash. Last month, the S&P 500 declined by around 10%, catching up with losses earlier in the year by many foreign markets. 10 months like that in a row would render US stocks worthless by the end of 2019, […]

Data visualisation scatterplot on the fundamental data of 102 Hong Kong based and listed companies

Data Visualisation for Listed Company Fundamental Data

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I recently re-launched our experimental data visualisation tool on¬† This tool is useful for: Running scatterplots on fundamental data of listed stocks Creating and sharing watchlists of these listed stocks    

Dividend Data Websites for 6 Major English-Language Stock Exchanges Around the World

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In addition to market data, financial statements, and fundamental ratios, I find it very valuable to have up-to-date websites and data sources with clean information on a listed company’s dividends, both upcoming and historical. ¬†Dividend yields on many stock information pages can be unreliable, as it is not always clear when trailing 12 months or […]

Dividend Data for the 50 Components of the Hang Seng Index

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For ease of reference, here are links to the dividend data of the 50 components of the Hang Seng Index, based on their end of June weights in the TraHK Tracker Fund of Hong Kong (2800.HK): Ticker Name Hang Seng Weight 5.HK HSBC Holdings 10.6051 700.HK Tencent Holdings (P Chip) 10.3959 1299.HK AIA Group Ltd. […]