Asians spend 7.5x on education but 1/3x on housing vs Americans? From a 2015 Milken interview

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One of my favorite things to listen to in the background are interviews with influencers that occasionally say something to get me thinking about something I might not otherwise have thought of.  Today I happened to be listening to a 2015 interview of Michael Milken with ASU Professor Jeff Cunningham. Among other things, I was surprised […]

200000 Vietnamese dong notes, worth less than US$10 each but more than most free financial advice

10 Emerging Markets to Watch in 2017: The Closed-End Fund Sentiment Indicator

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I have long been a fan, observer, and investor in emerging markets, ranging from the most frontier the most developed of emerging markets (often repeating that the US can be called “the most successful emerging market in history).  Anyone who knows me personally knows that this interest in emerging markets drove me to travel through […]

Your Financial Life in Hong Kong, Part 8: Exploring the Rest of Asia

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This is part 5 in my 8-part guide to your financial life in Hong Kong. It is mostly intended for foreigners living in or moving to Hong Kong looking to better understand “the system” and better manage their money both in and outside of Hong Kong.  Let me know if you have any questions. Hong […]

77 Largest Casino Stocks by Market Cap 2017

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As a rare Saturday post, here is a reference list of 77 of the largest listed casino, gambling, and gaming stocks on major exchanges as of January 2017. Gambling and casinos are a classic “sin sector” of “vice stocks”, where “vice investing” is considered the opposite of “ethical investing”.  In an earlier post on my […]

Hong Kong skyline - one place GFM Asset Management looks when investing in the world's most profitable companies

35 Largest Life & Health Insurance Companies by Market Cap 2017

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Like banks, if not more than banks, insurance companies benefit from economies of scale and diversification that comes from pooling diverse risks.  What should stand out looking at this list of some of the world’s largest life insurance and health insurance companies is how much larger the Asian insurers, even though the US still has […]

Performance of the GFM Singapore 20 vs the Straits Times Index Tracker Fund 2016

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In Hong Kong, we aim to outperform the Hang Seng index through a proprietary selection of stocks we believe are higher quality and/or better valued than the market-cap weighting of the 50 stocks of the index, and in most cases in Hong Kong we also try and avoid low-float companies.  For the 12 months ending […]