Reference: Companies returning the most cash to shareholders, by industry, 2014-2016

Another list of companies for easy reference, please see links and use with care.

HRBAccounting & Tax Preparation
DWP.PAAdult Entertainment Production & Broadcasting
LUVU.PKAdult Products Retailers;0.140513333
IRBT.OAdvanced Electronic Equipment;;
PHGAdvanced Medical Equipment & Technology - NEC
3154.TAdvanced Medical Equipment Wholesale
4186.TAdvanced Polymer
SNOW.ASAdventure Sports Facilities & Ski Resorts
OMCAdvertising & Marketing - NEC
4324.TAdvertising Agency
UTXAerospace & Defense - NEC
SEED.OAgricultural Biotechnology;2.580308981
MONAgricultural Chemicals - NEC
0297.HKAgricultural Chemicals Wholesale;6.32615868-100.2119927
TTCAgricultural Machinery
GNC.AXAgriculture Support Services
PV.DEAir & Gas Compressors;33.0242538816.35325616
600270.SSAir Freight;55.44413229-5.143494214
UPSAir Freight & Logistics - NEC
AIRAircraft Equipment Wholesale
SAF.PAAircraft Parts Manufacturing - NEC
DOCO.VIAirline Catering Services
DALAirlines - NEC
FRAG.DEAirport Operators
AENA.MCAirport Services - NEC;176.11734031297.226141
002387.SZAll Other Food Manufacturing;3.7357659562.959202055
000423.SZAlternative Medicine;76.20145736-4.349032291
601600.SSAluminum - NEC;903.7292851960.2231765
600673.SSAluminum Rolling;57.66398187.716313354
SNLN.SIAluminum Wholesalers;0.4094010611.583017437
ADPT.KAmbulance & Emergency Services;30-22.2905
SIXAmusement Parks and Zoos
DOGZ.OAnimal & Pet Clothing;;0.99378
ABAC.OAnimal Breeding;5.650253333
002311.SZAnimal Feed;56.8490277631.10126895
PPC.OAnimal Slaughtering & Processing
BIDAntique Dealers
LVMUY.PKApparel & Accessories - NEC
ITX.MCApparel & Accessories Retailers - NEC
600120.SSApparel Wholesale;40.3670189749.06203782
7442.TAppliance & Houseware Wholesale
000333.SZAppliances, Tools & Housewares - NEC;673.0675457-12.9944159
CHKP.OApplication Software;;
NPKArms & Ammunitions Manufacturing;
RENA.PAAuto & Truck Manufacturers - NEC
GPCAuto & Truck Parts Wholesale
2788.TAuto & Truck Wholesale;;9.900457834
OBCI.OAuto Cleaning Products
AZOAuto Vehicles, Parts & Service Retailers - NEC;-214.13
VCAuto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts - NEC
PHTM.LAutomatic Vending Machines
FCHA.MIAutomobiles & Multi Utility Vehicles
GNTX.OAutomotive Accessories
600482.SSAutomotive Batteries;41.4410729419.57808657
6923.TAutomotive Body Parts
ORLY.OAutomotive Parts & Accessories Retailers;-166.3543333
CIRX.MIAutomotive Systems
MJNBaby Food
002147.SZBall & Roller Bearings;31.0367669130.72714674
FBCBanks - NEC
1175.HKBanquet Halls & Catering;0.014139827
HSNT.NSBathroom Fixtures;3.85952791310.86098491
ENSBatteries & Uninterruptable Power supplies
BAU.AXBauxite Mining;0.078209931
ULTA.OBeauty Supply Shop;;
1431.HKBeef & Veal Farming;11.52134067
0291.HKBeer, Wine & Liquor Stores
7309.TBicycle Manufacturing
4544.TBio Diagnostics & Testing
7778.TBio Medical Devices;0.022301242
GILD.OBio Therapeutic Drugs
EVABiomass & Biogas Fuels
BUFG.FBiomass Power Energy Equipment;;;
FACE.MCBiometric Products;;0.027405789
QBiotechnology & Medical Research - NEC
FHCO.OBirth Control Products
SMWH.LBook & Magazine Retailers
7913.TBook Printing Services
SCHL.OBook Publishing
CRVP.KBottled Water & Ice;0.946533333
CHKE.OBranding & Naming
ARYN.IBread & Bakery Product Manufacturing
2923.TBreakfast Cereal Manufacturing
SAB.LBrewers - NEC
DISBroadcasting - NEC
NTGR.OBroadcasting Equipment;;
BGCP.OBrokerage Services
TPK.LBuilder Merchants
BLDBuilding Contractors
NNIBusiness Support Services - NEC
BICP.PABusiness Support Supplies - NEC
LBTYA.OCable Service Providers;-65.96666667
TGTG.DECall Center Services;19.74020179;
RGBG.FCampsite Operators;0.1627703990.796945893
TREM.LCarbon Capture & Storage;8.363353912;
PEPCarbonated Soft Drinks
TILE.OCarpets & Curtains
1928.HKCasinos & Gaming - NEC
AMSF.OCasualty Insurance;
600176.SSCellular Fiber;123.4220384181.93895
600585.SSCement & Concrete Manufacturing;561.0130096369.0404878
PRFN.SCharter & Private Air Services;;0.021555353
SBVV.SICharter Bus Services
BFAM.KChild Care & Family Services;-118.7706667
1698.HKChildren & Infants Clothing;;-0.780885048
PLCE.OChildren & Infants Clothing Retailers
BARN.SChocolate & Confectionery
MOCigars & Cigarette Manufacturing
1861.TCivil Engineers & Architects;10.2920977917.5136587
HCSG.OCleaning Services;
PFSD.PKCleaning Supplies;-0.28787
AINV.OClosed End Funds
RAXCloud Computing Services;-221.682
MYE.AXCoal Mining Support
1205.HKCoal Wholesale;263.6016031
SPGP.SICoffee & Tea
CHOC.LCoffee, Tea & Cocoa Farming;;-5.75671
0639.HKCoke Coal Mining;107.39340510
CBP.LCollective Investment Fund Operators
4631.TColoring Agent
BACommercial Aircraft Manufacturing
HSBA.LCommercial Banks
CSFG.LCommercial Buildings;;0.216774515
XRXCommercial Document Management
9699.TCommercial Equipment Rental
002447.SZCommercial Fishing;8.32256611843.99618105
BOBE.OCommercial Food Services
AER.FCommercial Leasing;-227.462
7182.TCommercial Loans;
1377.TCommercial Nurseries
RRD.OCommercial Printing Services - NEC;207.85336.35
LOIM.PACommercial REITs - NEC
LYBCommodity Chemicals - NEC
8098.TCommodity Chemicals Wholesale
GRMN.OCommunication & Satellite Equipment;
CSCO.OCommunications & Networking - NEC
0066.HKCommuting Services
CECG.DEComputer & Electronics Retailers - NEC;262.61842331529.066372
AAPL.OComputer Hardware - NEC
ATEA.OLComputer Hardware & Software Retailers
0929.HKComputer Hardware Component Assembly
6789.TComputer Peripherals
9719.TComputer Programming
CLRO.OConferencing Tools & Systems;
SGEF.PAConstruction & Engineering - NEC
CATConstruction Machinery
BREE.LConstruction Material Processing;41.17609764
NATS.SIConstruction Material Wholesale;59.474854692.379075057
LHN.SConstruction Materials - NEC
OCConstruction Supplies
SGOB.PAConstruction Supplies & Fixtures - NEC
WOSYY.PKConstruction Supplies & Fixtures Wholesale
AXPConsumer Credit Cards Services
DDDConsumer Document Management;0.933333333
8016.HKConsumer Electronic Wholesale;6.5773649621.10919202
9831.TConsumer Electronics Retailers
OUTR.OConsumer Goods Rental
ALLY.KConsumer Leasing
NAVI.OConsumer Lending - NEC
PSOConsumer Publishing - NEC
8145.HKConsumer Repair Services
2371.TContent & Site Management Services
EBRO.MCCookie, Cracker & Pasta Manufacturing
VEDL.KCopper Ore Mining
0674.HKCopyright Management;0.016907193
TAX.OCorporate Accounting Services
IMHCorporate Financial Services - NEC;721.1893333
OREP.PACosmetics & Perfumes
PST.MICourier Services;468.7647225110.3014385
T3D.AXCraft & Micro Brewers;-0.175330352
8589.TCredit Unions;-629.3181616
CCLCruise Lines
LAOP.NSCutlery & Flatware
600887.SSDairy Products;365.0253836198.2782952
WNSData Processing Services;-11.92533333
DACDeep Sea Freight;;238.6156667
WES.AXDepartment Stores - NEC
9743.TDesign Services
BIOX.PADiagnostic & Testing Substances
4550.TDiagnostic & Testing Substances Manufacturers
LUC.TODiamond Mining
2461.TDigital Media Agencies;
TFAG.DEDigital Publishing
QNST.ODirect Marketing;26.099
2376.TDirectory Publishing
TGTDiscount Stores - NEC
EPRI.OLDiscount Stores with groceries
TJXDiscount Stores without groceries
GLWDisplay Screens
DGE.LDistillers & Wineries - NEC
DOWDiversified Chemicals
CNAT.PADiversified Investment Services;781.3337954;
GFCP.PADiversified REITs
8058.TDiversified Trading & Distributing
1126.HKDolls & Stuffed Toys
5940.TDoors & Window Frames;4.228524017
1358.HKDrug Delivery Systems;4.870384918
ESRX.ODrug Retailers - NEC;-606.4333333
EBAY.OE-commerce & Auction Services;-1609.333333
DLEducation & Training Information Providers
ESIEducational Services;95.4555
1945.TElectric Construction;6.351677197-2.881299026
WCCElectric Equipment Wholesale;69.43425
ELE.MCElectric Utilities - NEC
EMAV.PKElectrical (Alternative) Vehicles;-0.0296
SCHN.PAElectrical Components & Equipment - NEC
LEHN.SElectrical Measuring & Testing Instruments;
SMTL.NSElectron Tubes & Insulators;7.161569795
TELElectronic Component
AVTElectronic Equipment & Parts - NEC
APHElectronic Repair Services
SCHP.SElevator & Conveying Equipment
ADEN.SEmployment Services - NEC
MNST.OEnergy Drinks;1.687
CMIEngine & Powertrain Systems
SAPG.DEEnterprise Software
VIV.PAEntertainment Production - NEC
BTNEntertainment Production Equipment & Services;0.160666667
ALQ.AXEnvironmental Biotechnology
RPS.LEnvironmental Consultancy Services
WMEnvironmental Services & Equipment - NEC
REXEthanol Fuels
SHYExchange Traded Funds - NEC;
HAYS.LExecutive Search Services
FIMI.MIExhibition & Conference Services
600987.SSFabric Dyeing & Finishing;26.5099169429.93830894
SFLG.MIFashion Eyewear
000836.SZFiber Optic Cable Manufacturing;6.31177119525.51841771
CME.OFinancial & Commodity Market Operators - NEC
EXPN.LFinancial Information Providers
FISFinancial Technology & Infrastructure
0606.HKFishing & Farming - NEC
0141.HKFishing & Farming Wholesale;41.780037520.75547881
CPRC.LFloor Covering Retailers;-3.693843444
FORN.SFlooring & Interior Tile Manufacturers
2001.TFlour Milling
BEAN.SFluid Power Cylinder & Actuators
TATYY.PKFood Ingredients
2294.TFood Markets
NESN.SFood Processing - NEC
ADRNY.PKFood Retail & Distribution - NEC
MTS.AXFood Wholesale
ADSGn.DEFootwear - NEC
1880.HKFootwear Retailers;437.2620758122.0196215
9892.TFootwear Wholesale;
0837.HKForest & Wood Products - NEC
TFC.AXForest Nurseries & Gathering of Forest Products
0910.HKForest Support & Services;17.31480771
600023.SSFossil Fuel Electric Utilities;771.4702971-0.262447583
600011.SSFossil Fuel IPPs;2200.262167-110.8927009
3399.HKFreight Logistics;25.67087457-1.689067819
JBHT.OFreight Trucking
2218.HKFrozen Food Manufacturing
SJMFruit & Vegetable Processing
0359.HKFruit Drinks;-17.57721917
IVC.AXFuneral Services;31.83900225-1.187487454
ARCI.OFurniture Retailers;0.716333333
6417.TGambling & Gaming Machine Manufacturers
7974.TGames, Toys & Children Vehicles;
6889.HKGaming Machine Operators
GDL.LGas Drilling - Onshore;;4.606
MUSA.KGasoline stations;-36.472
APOL.OGeneral Education Services;294.099
4528.TGeneric Pharmaceuticals
9755.TGeophysical Surveying & Mapping Services
SFLY.OGift, Novelty & Souvenir Stores;11.718
5204.TGlass Containers & Packaging
7780.TGlasses, Spectacles & Contact lenses
G.TOGold - NEC
ABXGold Mining
GIMU.PKGold Refining;;;
2131.TGolf Courses
002041.SZGrain (Crop) Production;26.639854920.302251776
UNPGround Freight & Logistics - NEC
0308.HKGuided Tour Operators
BFIT.ASGyms, Fitness and Spa Centers;79.43181536
600439.SSHair Accessories;22.647904822.195386779
HRMS.PAHandbags & Luggage
9990.THandbags & Luggage Retailers
VSIHealth Food Stores;-44.612
MPL.AXHealth Insurance;
HCAHealthcare Facilities & Services - NEC
HCPHealthcare REITs
JCIHeating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems
SKYHeavy Buses & Coaches;;1.011
ALSO.PAHeavy Electrical Equipment - NEC
6301.THeavy Machinery & Vehicles - NEC
SVW.AXHeavy Machinery & Vehicles Wholesale
6517.THeavy Motors & Generators
3808.HKHeavy Trucks;15.11945535276.0440429
RECL.LHedge Funds;
COLP.PAHighway & Bridge Construction;435.039752939.69340812
0548.HKHighway Operators;174.6200037200.4002865
ABE.MCHighways & Rail Tracks - NEC
000735.SZHog & Pig Farming;13.6260319438.91080046
0001.HKHolding Companies - NEC
002045.SZHome Audio;8.9441131435.990039293
1373.HKHome Dcor Retailers
LEGHome Furnishings - NEC
BBBY.OHome Furnishings Retailers - NEC
8130.THome Furnishings Wholesale
2398.THome Healthcare Services
HDHome Improvement Products & Services Retailers - NEC
4204.THomebuilding - NEC
EMH1k.DEHorse & Dog Race Tracks;
CSP.MIHosiery & Sock
HSTHospitality REITs
FREG.DEHospitals, Clinics & Primary Care Services
LQHotels & Motels
HOTHotels, Motels & Cruise Lines - NEC
000651.SZHousehold Appliances;1177.823971-226.1211768
6952.THousehold Electronics - NEC
CLXHousehold Products - NEC
NSPHuman Resources Consulting Services
ITM.LHydrogen Fuel;;
NEL.OLHydropower Equipment;-0.230413586
600027.SSIndependent Power Producers - NEC;1340.897393199.7387706
600895.SSIndustrial Real Estate Development;77.3200813568.13860177
000930.SZIndustrial Biotechnology Chemicals;24.0851453315.76216966
DLTA.PAIndustrial Clothing & Uniforms
GEIndustrial Conglomerates
6641.TIndustrial Electrical Switchgear
LING.DEIndustrial Gas
MSMIndustrial Machinery
000617.SZIndustrial Machinery & Equipment - NEC;175.78810182081.740474
FAST.OIndustrial Machinery & Equipment Wholesale
HUAN.SIIndustrial Moulds;;31.38362396
5486.TIndustrial Parts & Components
FLS.COIndustrial Plant
VSVS.LIndustrial Process Furnace & Ovens
DREIndustrial REITs
DAE.SIndustrial Rubber Products
002050.SZIndustrial Valve Manufacturing;27.9289809138.2819062
KEXInland Water Freight;8.171333333
002577.SZInput Devices;2.3674270820.020500982
1339.HKInsurance - Automobile
AONInsurance Brokers
RIO.AXIntegrated Mining
SWKS.OIntegrated Circuits
LOG.MCIntegrated Logistics Operators
601857.SSIntegrated Oil & Gas;7964.497399-981.6640458
VZIntegrated Telecommunications Services - NEC
CFT.SInter-dealer Broker
HAVE.LInterior Design Services;;1.749170011
FMCC.PKInternational Trade Financing
AMZN.OInternet & Mail Order Department Stores;1065.333333
GRPN.OInternet & Mail Order Discount Stores
3765.TInternet Gaming
MAInternet Security & Transactions Services
3774.TInternet Service Providers
G24n.DEInternet Services - NEC
600837.SSInvestment Banking;1288.3936419275.292815
8604.TInvestment Banking & Brokerage Services - NEC
SLA.LInvestment Management
STTInvestment Management & Fund Operators - NEC
MSCI.KInvestment Support Tools
EEMInvestment Trusts;
FMG.AXIron Ore Mining;4041769.666667
EVRE.LIron, Steel Mills & Foundries
IBMIT Services & Consulting - NEC
8081.HKIT Services & Consulting - NEC;-18.93317725
1929.HKJewelry & Watch Retailers;650.7258426285.2081601
CRWS.OJuvenile Furniture
AIR.AXKitchen & Bathroom Retailers;-0.196828327
RAAG.DEKitchen Appliances;90.877628162.591542641
NOBI.STKitchen Cabinets
VIE.AXLand Division & Subdivision;;;
002027.SZLaptop & Desktop Computers;78.81074253-43.37902373
ELEN.MILaser Equipment
XSG.LLaundry Supplies;;
601168.SSLead Ore Mining;101.825304956.92472985
0264.HKLeather Goods;
CRAI.OLegal Services
TUIGn.DELeisure & Recreation - NEC
POOL.OLeisure Products Wholesale
AXAF.PALife & Health Insurance - NEC
RGALife & Health Reinsurance
6178.TLife Insurance
600261.SSLighting Equipment;24.7327068512.14648048
OSRn.DELighting Fixtures
TGPLNG Transportation & Storage
601766.SSLocomotive Engines & Rolling Stock;903.318465-65.94235111
WFT.TOLogging & Sawmills
TIMGn.DELottery Operators;
0442.HKLuxury Accessories;2.612603394
1771.HKLuxury Car Dealers
KMTMachine Tools
MDPMagazine Publishing
MERG.LMaintenance & Repair Services
600559.SSMalt producers;7.32916666721.87411798
ANTM.KManaged Health Care - NEC
FCNManagement Consulting Services;120.5616667
601000.SSMarine Cargo Handling Services;61.05825572115.1158219
MAERSKb.COMarine Freight & Logistics - NEC
KNIN.SMarine Logistics
PGUN.SIMarine Passenger Transportation;2.921152388-3.783169067
HPHT.SIMarine Port Services - NEC;383.560199441.90970092
FORR.OMarket Research;
HHSMarketing Consulting Services
1661.HKMedia Buying Agency;
4694.TMedical & Diagnostic Laboratories;11.9891340813.31074688
SN.LMedical Devices & Implants
ATEC.OMedical Diagnostic & Testing Equipment;6.568333333
MASI.OMedical Equipment;0.088666667
COLOb.COMedical Equipment Wholesale
7741.TMedical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution - NEC
UMS.FMedical Imaging Systems;
DVL.AXMedical Monitoring Systems;0
STMN.SMedical Prosthetics
EMISG.LMedical Software & Technology Services
TFXMedical Supplies
RMBS.OMemory Chips (RAM);59.15033333
ZUMZ.OMen's Apparel Retailers;0.499333333
600400.SSMen's Clothing;28.6251814442.95643321
WWWMen's Footwear
JFC.VMerchant Banks;0.0426571790.226184704
REXMY.PKMetal Containers & Packaging
600058.SSMetal Merchant Wholesalers;117.6408018267.7807503
RSMetal Service Centers
600507.SSMetallic Rolling & Drawing Products;84.7388930958.5737813
601718.SSMilitary Clothing & Accessories;34.17289323-218.3417428
JOYMining Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing
MIN.AXMining Support Activities
HSCMining Support Services & Equipment - NEC
3668.TMobile Application Software
3738.TMobile Phone Retailers
002247.SZMobile System Software;4.5694060750
AGNC.OMortgage REITs
3377.TMotorcycle Dealers
TWIMotorcycle Parts & Accessories
HOGMotorcycles & Scooters
RGCMovie Theaters & Movie Products
TWXMovie, TV Production & Distribution
AIGMultiline Insurance & Brokers - NEC
ENGIE.PAMultiline Utilities - NEC
MUSE.PAMuseums & Historic Places;;;
6791.TMusic, Music Video Production & Distribution;0.157808545-0.029775197
G4M.LMusical Instrument Retailers;-2.727137587
7951.TMusical Instruments
BBGIB.LMutual Funds - NEC;30.28681343-20.37109613
1382.HKNatural Fabrics
HOKCY.PKNatural Gas Distribution
1663.TNatural Gas Exploration & Production - Onshore;6.7606751521.443701737
SRG.MINatural Gas Pipeline
GAS.MCNatural Gas Utilities - NEC
JNPR.KNetwork Equipment
600335.SSNew Car Dealers;103.50038562.5542554
NYTNewspaper Publishing
9849.TNewsprint Mills
S.TONickel Ore Mining
KONon-Alcoholic Beverages - NEC
SEENon-Paper Containers & Packaging - NEC
HZNC.NSNonferrous Metal Mining;1256.175257-618.8312706
600432.SSNonferrous Metal Processing;112.4343252288.0242006
601985.SSNuclear IPPs;1462.680591-2078.48473
LEUNuclear Utilities;0
CLWY.PKNursery & Garden Centers;1.7455
6724.TOffice Equipment - NEC
4345.TOffice Equipment & Supplies Rental
TTKG.DEOffice Equipment Wholesale;29.0453611744.62178315
MLHR.OOffice Furniture
TST.MCOffice Real Estate Development
IWG.LOffice Real Estate Services
7984.TOffice Supplies
ODP.OOffice Supplies & Stationery Stores
3035.TOffice Supplies Wholesale
6457.TOffice Technology Equipment
SDRL.KOil & Gas Drilling - NEC
COPOil & Gas Exploration and Production - NEC
XOMOil & Gas Refining and Marketing - NEC
CPTP.PKOil & Gas Storage;;2.205666667
MMPOil & Gas Transportation Services - NEC;656.9703333-476.9993333
NEOil Drilling - Offshore
ICDOil Drilling - Onshore;-1.815333333
ENX.AXOil Exploration & Production - Offshore;;
OBEOil Exploration & Production - Onshore
SGY.TOOil Exploration & Production - Onshore
NSOil Pipeline
DWSN.OOil Related - Surveying & Mapping Services
TENR.MIOil Related Equipment;523.3716667-13.83766667
SUBC.OLOil Related Services
SLBOil Related Services and Equipment - NEC
2379.TOnline Job portals
LUX.MIOptical Goods Stores
1197.HKOrganic & Ecologically Produced Fabric
PHC.LOrganic Fertilizer;0.009333333
NXT.LOther Specialty Retailers - NEC
CCOOutdoor Advertising;310.1866667-73.52466667
PAYX.OOutsourcing & Staffing Services;
SHWPaint & Coating
3863.TPaper Mills & Products
IPPaper Packaging - NEC
3359.TPaper Packaging Wholesale
7504.TPaper Product Wholesale
UPMKY.PKPaper Products - NEC
SP.OParking Lot Operators;31.42533333
HTZPassenger Car rental;676
9042.TPassenger Transportation, Ground & Sea - NEC
ATP.AXPearl Cultivation;0.205668656
PARA.LPersonal & Car Loans
RGSPersonal Care Services
SHJ.AXPersonal Legal Services
PGPersonal Products - NEC
SCIPersonal Services - NEC
ROLPest Control Services;
PETSP.LPet & Pet Supplies Retailers
BUFF.OPet Food Manufacturing
600175.SSPetroleum Product Wholesale;91.7031868779.67809312
CVXPetroleum Refining
JNJPharmaceuticals - NEC
2038.HKPhones & Handheld Devices - NEC
NOKIA.HEPhones & Smart Phones
KODK.KPhotographic Equipment;;96.66666667
600537.SSPhotovoltaic Solar Systems & Equipment;;73.67093464
600210.SSPlastic Container & Packaging;50.41982985124.3976805
ZIM.AXPlatinum Mining;6.50156.666666667
NGHT.PKPlays & Concert Production;;-0.077755
GEBN.SPlumbing Fixtures & Fittings
0327.HKPoint of Sale Systems;
000582.SZPort Operators;86.5295289925.61407838
VOPA.ASPort Warehousing Services
GNRC.KPortable Motors & Generators
QTX.LPortable Satellite Navigation
CALM.OPoultry Farming
600200.SSPrecious Metals & Minerals - NEC;24.1383094423.2583036
002314.SZPrefabricated Homes;42.5501763127.30126744
0486.HKPrimary Aluminum Production
VLAN.ASPrivate Banks
PARG.SPrivate Equity
TRIProfessional Information Services - NEC
TRKProfessional Sports Venues
3841.TProgramming Software & Testing Tools;
TRVProperty & Casualty Insurance - NEC
MUVGn.DEProperty & Casualty Reinsurance;
FNFProperty Insurance
2449.TPublic Relations;
EVDG.DEPublic Sport Facilities;44.3980903325.8587544
PUB.LPubs, Bars & Night Clubs;313.0309594
CLWPulp Mills;-18.99933333
GGGPump & Pumping Equipment
DCIPurification & Treatment Equipment
MCDQuick Service Restaurants
SIRI.ORadio Broadcasting
601333.SSRail Services;83.45054836529.2125318
VOSG.DERailway Construction
601006.SSRailway Freight Operators;1115.028726-71.81771904
FOEQ.PARailway Operators;0.8427166220.02599278
600111.SSRare Earth Minerals;67.2586811134.4102723
MCORating Agencies
2897.TReady-Made Meals
0004.HKReal Estate Development & Operations - NEC
ASPS.OReal Estate Services - NEC;-30.64833333
BCRecreational Products - NEC
LUVRegional Airlines
SRENH.SReinsurance - NEC
1296.HKRenewable Energy Equipment & Services - NEC;8.097721917304.5146897
D7I.FRenewable Energy Services;2.339115837;
GDY.AXRenewable Fuels - NEC;;;
EOCA.KRenewable IPPs;463.7527981-96.65172772
ENEI.MIRenewable Utilities;2897.4407311205.401329
600383.SSResidential Real Estate Development;558.904756912.99868906
NHCResidential & Long Term Care
2288.HKResidential Architectural & Interior Design Services;9.160484352-2.375586254
1808.TResidential Builders - Multifamily Homes
NVRResidential Builders - Single Homes;1.16
RLGY.KResidential Real Estate Services
EQRResidential REITs
SNOW.KResort Operators;-3.158
SBUX.ORestaurants & Bars - NEC
UNBP.ASRetail Real Estate Development
MRetail - Department Stores
9989.TRetail - Drugs with Grocery
8283.TRetail - Drugs without Grocery
FNMA.PKRetail & Mortgage Banks
0565.HKRetail Real Estate Services;24.03393877
MCS.LRetirement Home Builders
002194.SZRFID Systems;5.999147650
CDH.AXRock Mining;0.097329652
BMSA.DERoofing Supplies
SIPH.PARubber Plantation;1.964979003-20.55581967
MPXSailing Yachts & Motorboats;
SALE.OSales Promotions & Events Management
KMBSanitary Products
UBNT.OSatellite Systems & Accessories
ETL.PASatellite Service Operators
6951.TScientific & Precision Equipment
CRAY.OScientific & Super Computers;;
BWLPG.OLSea-Borne Tankers
SALM.OLSeafood Product Preparation & Packaging;129.55214368.088032616
GOOGL.OSearch Engines;458.6666667
MHM.AXSecondary Smelting & Alloying of Aluminum;-0.158979984
NXGN.LSecurities & Commodity Exchanges
TYCSecurity & Surveillance
9735.TSecurity Services
PSASelf-Storage REITs
8035.TSemiconductor Equipment & Testing - NEC;
3089.TSemiconductor Equipment Wholesalers
AMAT.OSemiconductor Machinery Manufacturing
KLAC.OSemiconductor Testing Equipment & Service
8140.TSemiconductor Wholesale
INTC.OSemiconductors - NEC
ELR.AXSemiprecious Gem Stones;-0.457148431
CA.OServer & Database Software
2308.HKServers & Systems;2.8818538886.150510605
600874.SSSewage Treatment Facilities;42.6621406469.69356074
DELT.OShell Companies;;4.508666667
601989.SSShip Part Manufacturer;427.1531012-95.39662816
YAZG.SIShipbuilding - NEC;143.4186134318.6830711
7939.TSigns & Advertising Specialty Producers
PAAS.OSilver Mining
000400.SZSmart Grid & Electrical Transmission;27.1756269221.1576243
MYRG.OSmart Grid & Power Distribution Construction;-29.165
002557.SZSnack Food & Non-chocolate Confectionary;37.888518464.533776636
FB.OSocial Media & Networking;168.5
BETR.ASSoft Furnishing Retailers
MSFT.OSoftware - NEC
BKL.AXSpecial Foods & Welbeing Products;36.23075058-2.524616576
BPOL.PKSpecialized Aviation Services;-0.49936
7862.TSpecialized Printing Services;24.659969780.93637953
ANHSpecialized REITs - NEC
ABBV.KSpecialty & Advanced Pharmaceuticals
ECLSpecialty Chemicals - NEC
2322.HKSpecialty Chemicals Wholesale;0.117549245
NKELyq.LSpecialty Mining & Metals - NEC
3023.TSpecialty Mining & Metals Wholesale
7936.TSporting & Outdoor Goods
DKSSporting Goods Stores
NKESports & Outdoor Footwear
HIBB.OSports & Outdoors Retailers;0.402666667
1368.HKSportswear & Outdoors Clothing
OLEO.MCStarch, Vegetable Fat & Oil Manufacturing;;47.41267213
F3CG.DEStationary Fuel Cells;-1.63559146
000958.SZSteam & Air-Conditioning Supply;20.07148557115.5768999
5401.TSteel - NEC
NTAP.OStorage Devices
SZUG.DESugar & Artificial Sweeteners
DLMI.NSSugarcane Farming;0.253799154-22.31552561
WMTSupermarkets & Convenience Stores
MLMAI.PASustainable & Energy Efficient Home Builders;;0.774890329
2299.HKSynthetic Fabrics
3673.TSystem Software
XPLR.OTablet & Netbook Computers;4.549
4365.TTanning & Softening agents
600708.SSTaxi & Limousine;314.7710178-128.7010116
2327.TTechnology Consulting & Outsourcing Services
1721.TTelecommunication Construction
BHRI.NSTelecommunications Network Infrastructure
CHTTelecommunications Resellers;1295.2775813.478587553
SHLTN.STelemedicine Services;0.666666667
DISCA.OTelevision Broadcasting;-549.3333333
MTDTesting & Measuring Equipment;-167.316
SGSN.STesting Laboratories
3676.TTesting Services
1023.HKTextiles & Leather Goods - NEC;36.29666581;
002091.SZTextiles & Leather Goods Wholesale;29.2396473768.23102312
BDLTheatres & Performing Arts
RGSE.OThermal Solar Systems & Equipment;-1.695
BZU.MITile & Paving Material Manufacturing;14.1129617681.7471995
WYTimber REITs
POPE.OTimber Tract Operations
CTBTire & Tube Manufacturers
7605.TTire Dealers
GRPI.NSTire Retreading
5108.TTires & Rubber Products - NEC;787.8155236729.0052803
1899.HKTires & Rubber Products Wholesale
PMTobacco - NEC
HELE.OTools & Housewares;-99.36666667
GMDG.LToys & Games Retailers
MAT.OToys & Juvenile Products - NEC
FUN.AXToys & Juvenile Products Wholesale
WLSNc.ASTrade & Business Publishing
WUTransaction & Payment Services
SAJA.OTranslation & Interpretation Services;0.342666667
TVPT.KTravel Agents
BHEL.NSTurbine Manufacturing;60.09869967144.6717844
600839.SSTV & Video;86.3537538879.04259455
CRM.AXUnconventional Oil & Gas Drilling;;;
2236.HKUnconventional Oil & Gas Production;59.04681854
CCO.TOUranium - NEC
PDN.AXUranium Mining;156.2
CPRT.OUsed Car Dealers;-111.969
2674.TUsed Merchandise Stores;4.3174404051.655068217
0682.HKVegetable, Fruit & Nut Farming;1.507665487
9959.TVending Machine Providers
8518.TVenture Capital
ZTSVeterinary Drugs
IDXX.OVeterinary Medical Equipment & Supplies;-260.901
CVSG.LVeterinary Services
CALL.OVOIP Equipment & Systems;;
002467.SZVOIP Services;10.83969825;
SEVI.PAWaste Management, Disposal & Recycling Services
PHEG.LWaste to Energy Systems & Equipment;-0.98203631
CHNA.SIWater & Sewage Construction
601158.SSWater Supply & Irrigation Systems;210.759197795.99997581
VEOEY.PKWater Utilities - NEC
ARL.LWave Power Energy Equipment;-17.94687262
SEIC.OWealth Management;
LECO.OWelding & Soldering Equipment
TTZ.VWi-Fi & Wi-Max Providers;;;
VWS.COWind Systems & Equipment
STAR.SIWired Telecommunications Carriers
GLTDq.LWireless Telecom;57.41635.9
CHLWireless Telecommunications Services - NEC
PRY.MIWires & Cables
CHSWomen's Apparel Retailers
1913.HKWomen's Clothing
SHOO.OWomen's Footwear;;
BXB.AXWood Container & Packaging
BXCWood Product Wholesale;35.05233333
LPXWood Products;132.3666667
VART.NSYarn Goods
600497.SSZinc Ore Mining;194.1403104-170.2439599