Webinars on China Options, European Futures, and US Universities

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My next three scheduled webinars cover a variety of topics on a variety of continents: On April 13th, in collaboration with Interactive Brokers and Singapore Exchange, I’ll be explaining option strategies investors can use to fine-tune risk/reward exposure to Chinese stocks: Register Here On April 15th, in collaboration with Interactive Brokers and Eurex, I’ll be […]

Asian Currency Strategy 2021 Webinar: 16 March 6pm HKT

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My next webinar with Interactive Brokers and Singapore Exchange will be on March 16th, 6pm Hong Kong time, explaining the long-term background and outlook for Asia’s 10 major currencies: Japanese Yen Chinese Yuan Renminbi Indian Rupee Korean Won New Taiwan Dollar Singapore Dollar Thai Baht Malaysian Ringgit Philippine Peso Indonesian Rupiah Register here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/5254730309470490892?source=gfmws

Webinar: 18 August on US vs China Investing in the 2020s

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The rise of China over the past 40 years has undoubtedly been one of the greatest economic stories in human history.ย The recent US-China trade war has so far been an understandable response of the incumbent US against this rise of China, and comes at the end of a decade when US stock performance has become […]

Investing In China and India After COVID-19: Upcoming Webinars

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Two of my upcoming webinars with SGX and Interactive Brokers cover outlooks on investing into China and India after the coronavirus outbreak: Register here for the May 20th (6pm HK time, 11am London time, 6am NY time) webinar on China’s markets after COVID-19. Learn about Singapore-listed ETFs on June 9th (6pm HK time) webinar. Here […]

Singapore ETFs 101 Webinar on March 9th

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The global market for exchange traded funds (ETFs) recently surpassed US$6 trillion, largely due to more retirement plans and advisers seeing ETFs as one of the lowest cost and most scalable ways to invest in global markets. In this webinar with Singapore Exchange and SGX Academy, GFM’s Tariq Dennison explains how the Singapore listed ETF […]

Trading Indian Single Stocks From Offshore

Trading Indian Single Stocks from Offshore: 12 Dec Webinar with SGX

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India has recently surpassed China as the fastest growing large economy in the world, and is expected to surpass China in population within the next few years. By 2050, PwC forecasts that India will catch up in overall size to the US economy. Despite this growth, India remains a difficult market for foreign investors to […]

From Impossible to Mandatory in 30 Years: China’s Stock Market in 2019 and Beyond

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I can think of only a few things that have gone from being impossible to becoming mandatory over a period of 30 years, but I would expect the world’s second largest economy to do such things, as it has done with the world’s second largest stock market. Just 30 years ago, Mainland China had no […]

Singapore Exchange electronic SIMEX

Crazy Rich Stocks: April 3 Webinar with SGX on Singapore’s Stock Market

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On April 3rd at 5pm China time (that’s 10am British summer time, and 5am US Eastern Daylight time), I’ll be presenting a webinar in collaboration with Interactive Brokers and Singapore Exchange titled “Crazy Rich Stocks: Profiting in Singaporeโ€™s Equity Market”. After several successful educational events with SGX, it’s about time we finally presented one on […]

Kristal Webinar March 14th Income investing low rate

March 14 Webinar: High Income Investing in a Low Rate World with Kristal.ai

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Join us on March 14th at 6:30pm China time (6:30am EDT for the US, 10:30am London time) as I present a webinar with Kristal.ai on high income investing in a low rate world. I’ll provide an outlook on the macro interest rate picture with implications for high yield bonds, preferred stocks, and dividend investing, with […]

2018 Taiwan Webinar mostly focused on MSCI Taiwan's sector focus on IT hardware

2018 Taiwan Webinar Slides and Recording

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This week we presented another informative webinar with Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Interactive Brokers (IBKR) explaining how to invest in Taipei-listed stocks from an IBKR account anywhere in the world. We discussed the composition of the MSCI Taiwan index (still mostly IT hardware) and strategies for trading MSCI Taiwan through SGX-listed futures contracts vs via […]