Sep 26 Webinar on China’s Markets: Too Big to Ignore


Free webinar on investing in China and trading SGX-listed China futures contracts on Wednesday, September 26th at 4:30pm Hong Kong time, register online here:

Greater China is the world’s 2nd largest stock market by size, and is too big to ignore by foreign investors. That said, more non-Chinese funds allocate to China as part of a diversified emerging market portfolio rather than through any form of China-specific strategy or mandate, which is why MSCI’s decision to include China’s onshore ‘A-shares’ into its mainstream index weightings is such a significant change for so many investors. This webinar explains some of these shifts and what they mean for investors, with special focus on the MSCI China index tradable through SGX-listed futures, and how this index and its futures contract compares with other A-share and H-share products.

The presenter, Tariq Dennison, manages investment accounts on the Interactive Brokers platform putting together portfolios of stocks, ETFs, and futures. The views and strategies in this webinar are his own, based on how he invests client accounts, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Interactive Brokers or SGX.

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