Top 25 Euro-denominated Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) by Market Cap as of 2017Q3

Continuing the lists of real estate investment trusts (REITs) by region, here are 25 of the largest ones by market cap denominated in Euros:

WSJ Name Sector Country Market Cap
DE/XFRA/UBL Unibail-Rodamco SE Retail France € 21,510,000,640
FR/XPAR/LI Klepierre S.A. Retail France € 11,089,999,872
FR/XPAR/GFC Gecina Industrial/Office France € 9,360,000,000
ES/XMCE/MRL Merlin Properties SOCIMI S.A. Diversified Spain € 5,409,999,872
FR/XPAR/FLY Societe Fonciere Lyonnaise S.A. Industrial/Office France € 2,609,999,872
FR/XPAR/ERSC EUROSIC S.A. Diversified France € 2,510,000,128
NL/XAMS/WHA Wereldhave N.V. Retail Netherlands € 1,760,000,000
ES/XMCE/AXIA Axiare Patrimonio SOCIMI S.A. Industrial/Office Spain € 1,260,000,000
FR/XPAR/TER Terreis S.A. Residential France € 1,040,000,000
UK/XLON/GRN Green REIT PLC Industrial/Office Ireland € 973,390,016
UK/XLON/HBRN Hibernia REIT PLC Industrial/Office Ireland € 951,980,032
ES/XMCE/LRE Lar Espana Real Estate SOCIMI S.A. Diversified Spain € 749,680,000
NL/XAMS/VASTN Vastned Retail N.V. Retail Netherlands € 722,249,984
NL/XAMS/NSI NSI N.V. Industrial/Office Netherlands € 597,889,984
FR/XPAR/ARG Argan S.A. Industrial/Office France € 520,209,984
FR/XPAR/CGR CeGeREAL S.A. Industrial/Office France € 513,500,000
FR/XPAR/ANF ANF-Immobilier S.A. Industrial/Office France € 400,910,016
FR/XPAR/IMDA Immobiliere Dassault S.A. Industrial/Office France € 295,190,016
DE/XFRA/IJX Vastned Retail Belgium Retail Belgium € 263,510,000
FR/XPAR/IML Affine RE Industrial/Office France € 165,420,000
FR/XPAR/ACAN Acanthe Developpement SE Industrial/Office France € 105,930,000
FR/XPAR/CBSM Societe Centrale des Bois et Scieries de la Manche S.A. Diversified France € 91,300,000
FR/XPAR/PAR PAREF Industrial/Office France € 87,640,000
FR/XPAR/FATL Fonciere Atland S.A. Industrial/Office France € 59,150,000
FR/XPAR/BLEE Bleecker S.A. Industrial/Office France € 15,780,000

Photo Credit: NASA, Wikipedia

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