2019: The Year Private Investing Started Losing Its Shine

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One trend I have disliked this decade is the relative increase in private equity and investors chasing them. As I describe in chapter 6 of my book, investing in private equity is similar to investing in public equity, other than lack of transparency, insider trading protections, larger ticket sizes, lower liquidity and a few other […]

ten investment advisors

If you go to ten investment advisors and they tell you the same asset, you better stay away from it!

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One way I keep my education on market history fresh is by finding and watching decades-old videos of interviews with investing legends. In this one, Louis Rukeyser interviews Peter Lynch and Sir John Templeton. 4:40 into the interview, Templeton says one of the most quotable truths about the difference between investment advisors vs doctors and […]

Videos of Jim Rogers speaking in Shenzhen February 25th 2017

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This past Saturday, February 25th 2017 at the Ritz-Carlton Shenzhen, legendary investor Jim Rogers spoke to packed rooms about China, investing, the dollar, and having children, especially girls. ย Below are just three short videos from the event posted on our YouTube channel “GFM Money Minute”: Be inspired!

Asians spend 7.5x on education but 1/3x on housing vs Americans? From a 2015 Milken interview

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One of my favorite things to listen to in the background are interviews with influencers that occasionally say something to get me thinking about something I might not otherwise have thought of. ย Today I happened to be listening to a 2015ย interview of Michael Milken with ASU Professor Jeff Cunningham. Among other things, I was surprised […]