top 55 london-listed etfs

23 Useful London Listed ETFs for non-UK investors

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London listed ETFs and Frankfurt listed ETFs together form the world’s second largest and most diverse ETF market after the US.  For non-US taxpayer investors, Frankfurt and London listed ETFs may provide tax advantages in accessing the US market, as well as access to asset classes even the US ETF market does not yet cover, […]

Lists of Closed-end Funds and Investment Trusts in the US, UK, Canada and Australia

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Although ETFs have become the exchange-traded investment vehicle of choice over the past 25 years, closed-end funds remain a relevant way to access less liquid and less scalable assets, and for this reason they are often available at a discount to their net asset value with many paying high dividend yields. As a handy reference, […]

top 55 london-listed etfs

Top UK Real Estate Investment Trusts (UK-REITs or L-REITs) by Market Cap 2017Q3

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I am often asked to give second opinions on properties in the UK my clients have invested in or are considering investing in.  For comparison, here is a list of the top 20 LSE-listed real estate investment trusts (sometimes called “UK-REITs” or “L-REITs” for short) along with links to their financial data on WSJ […]

August 23rd Seminar "Beyond London: Understanding the UK's Higher-Yielding Property Markets" in Central Hong Kong

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UK Property remains a popular asset class for Hong Kong based investors, but a weaker pound and continued demand to own a space in one of the world’s leading cities are driving London property prices to new highs and their rental yields to new lows. Fortunately, there are still many opportunities for higher returns outside […]