MPF vs ORSO: How to Decide, How Much to Put In

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When starting a new job in Hong Kong, some employers offer new employees the choice of MPF vs ORSO for retirement savings.ย  Many employers only offer MPF, and while I earlier posted some data on some of the best MPF plans in Hong Kong in lowering fees below 1% (still many times higher than many […]

Hong Kong ETF list published by HKEX (Hong Kong Exchange) on Nov 2017

Hong Kong ETFs Remain China-focused, Bond-light, and Under-owned

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Hong Kong ETFs are, and are likely to remain, the best way to trade and broadly allocate to China, it is not hard to argue that Hong Kong has the best ETF market in Asia.ย  As a reference, I am posting below a scan of the brochure the HKEX handed out at a recent ETF […]

Cathay Pacific's last day in the Hang Seng index

Cathay Pacific’s last day in the Hang Seng Index

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Three weeks ago on November 10th, Hang Seng indexes announced that Cathay Pacific airways (HKEX: 00293) would be dropped from the blue chip Hang Seng Index as of December 4th. (Sources: SCMP, Bloomberg) The Hang Seng index has changed dramatically over the past two decades, from being a Hong Kong specific benchmark of 30 of […]

expat financial plan checklist

Expat financial plan checklist

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An expat financial plan contains many of the same things one would expect in a single-country financial plan, with the main differences being that expats are likely to have property and family members in more than one country, and more likely to have financial goals (where to retire, where to send the kids to school, […]

best MPF schemes by fund expense ratio

Best MPF Schemes by Average Fund Expense Ratio

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When looking for the best MPF schemes, either as an as an employer of Hong Kong employees, or as an employee rolling over funds from an old job, the two most important factors to look for are: Low expenses Diversified fund choices It is important to note that it is usually not wise to choose […]

Dividend Data for the top 200 Hong Kong Listed Companies (over HK$25bio)

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Although the Hong Kong Exchange has increasingly become dominated by Chinese companies over the past two decades, American software giant Microsoft remains the largest Hong Kong listed company as of mid-2017. For ease of reference, here is a list of links to the dividend data and WSJ financials data of 200+ of the largest Hong […]

Dividend Data for the 50 Components of the Hang Seng Index

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For ease of reference, here are links to the dividend data of the 50 components of the Hang Seng Index, based on their end of June weights in the TraHK Tracker Fund of Hong Kong (2800.HK): Ticker Name Hang Seng Weight 5.HK HSBC Holdings 10.6051 700.HK Tencent Holdings (P Chip) 10.3959 1299.HK AIA Group Ltd. […]

Hong Kong International investment advisor

Dividend Data on 7 Hong Kong Real Estate Investment Trusts (H-REITs)

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For reference only, here are links to dividend data for an updated list of the 8 largest Hong Kong listed real estate investment trusts (REITs): Ticker Name Sector Float % 823.HK Link Real Estate Investment Trust Retail 100.0% 2778.HK Champion Real Estate Investment Trust Industrial/Office 31.0% 778.HK Fortune Real Estate Investment Trust Retail 72.3% 405.HK […]

Top Lessons from our May 10th Presentation on Top Schools, Top Universities and Saving/Paying for School

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Last night we had a full board room attending our joint presentation with Top Schools‘ head girl Ruth Benny on paying for international schools in Hong Kong and saving for university education in the US or UK. ย We had several good questions covering topics including debentures, 529 plans, in-state vs out-of-state tuition, and when to […]

March 20th Event: Investing in Mexico (and other Emerging Markets) after Trump, over Tequila

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On Monday, March 20th 2017, join us at 6:30pm at Mezcalito Hong Kong for an informal presentation and networking opportunity where we discuss investment outlooks on Mexico and other Emerging markets in the age of Trump and beyond. ย Drinks are on a cash bar basis with discounts available to those who RSVP. RSVP on Eventbrite. […]