A Lost Decade For Emerging Markets (and Small Caps, and …?)

I recently discovered that SeekingAlpha has made it even easier to embed charts into articles and blog posts thanks to an integration with YCharts. I have found YCharts to be fast and powerful for visualizing fundamental data and longer-term total returns that I used to think required a far more expensive Bloomberg terminal, or custom coding like in my tool.

That is why you may occasionally see a post here pointing you to a blog post on SeekingAlpha where I may be sharing more of my chart-centered insights. My two recent ones I wanted to highlight here are:

  1. A Lost Decade For Emerging Markets – looking back at the relative performance of US vs foreign markets over the past decades, and
  2. A Tough Three Years For Dimensional’s Oldest Fund – showing how even one of the most respected fund managers backed by Nobel prize winning research has fallen far behind the S&P 500.
A Lost Decade For Emerging Markets

These follow my latest SeekingAlpha articles on China Mobile’s 5% dividend, and why I think the Dow Jones Industrial Average will outperform the Nasdaq again next decade.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts and comments, and any charts you might find thought provoking that you can share.

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