Beer consumption slowing down globally, even in China

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One of my favorite charts earlier this week was from this Economist article about declining global beer consumption. ย Earlier this year I posted a list of 14 large listed beer brewers, and will be watching some of their sales and profit figures over the coming quarters. Happy Friday! Tariq

I'm in San Francisco tomorrow, June 23rd 2017 – Message if you have time to meet

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Looking forward to catching up with my colleagues in the San Francisco Bay Area tomorrow, even though I know this is last minute. ย You can reach me via WhatsApp, my US number, or through the contact form below: Photo Source: WikiMedia Commons

Top 70 Listed Employers by Number of Employees

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“Jobs”, not just number of jobs, but also quality of jobs, has always been one of the most important drivers of an industrial economy. ย The 21st century already seems to be showing a different outlook on jobs and employment than the 20th century given the triple threat of older demographics, lower productivity growth, and the […]

10 Personal Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor

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Yesterday I posted 10 non-personal questions to ask your financial advisor, which I thought would only be complete with 10 personal questions to compliment them. Other professions may also have stereotypes like the smoking doctor, the bald barber, the lawyer without a will, or the serially monogamous marriage counsellor, but finance professionals probably have the […]

10 Non-Personal Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor

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Even in the many years before I decided to start competing in the space of financial advisors, I noticed a paradox among financial advisors: A. There were both enormous differences between what different people calling themselves “financial advisors” actually do, yet B. Financial advisors have a hard time differentiating themselves from their competition As a […]