GFM Consolidated 3 Year Track Record Performance Through September 2016

As background, we present the 3 year consolidated track record of the Interactive Brokers accounts managed by GFM portfolio manager Tariq Dennison over the 3 years ending September 2016, immediately before GFM Group Limited became a Hong Kong SFC-licensed Type 9 asset management firm.

Past performance is no indication of future results, but the point of this chart and of showing these performance statistics is to demonstrate our core emphasis on getting the right balance between stocks and bonds to achieve steady returns while minimizing risk.  Our consolidated account performance (in blue) outperformed the S&P 500 index (gold), the Hang Seng Index (green) and the 7-10 year US Treasury index (violet) on a risk adjusted basis, and on an absolute basis with the 1.5x average leverage ratio used in this account.

We invest our managed accounts using the same principles of balance and risk management, using no leverage for conservative accounts while using moderate leverage for aggressive accounts.


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