TED list of the world’s most walkable cities

Nice to see TED re-awaken a focused debate on the importance of walkability of cities, but their recently published list seems terribly limited: Venice, Amsterdam, Marrakech, Quebec City and … Antigua?

There are so many different elements that can make even parts of the same city more walkable than others: Central Hong Kong (with elevated walkways) and Lamma Island are of course far more walkable than Causeway Bay or the eastern Mid-levels, London is more walkable after the congestion charge and Barclay’s bikes, and I would have to rank Tokyo and Qingdao high on my lists as well.

The counter-example I might give would be places like Dubai and Mumbai, where emphasis seems to be clearly on widening roads for more cars, and very little priority seems to be on answering where would be a nice place to take a walk…

One thought on “TED list of the world’s most walkable cities

  1. It says in the article ….”These lists are silly and inevitably wrong” … well, that much I agree with. How can the #1 in the list be qualified with “best avoided April through September” !?

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